Nextbox 3.0 no picture

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Re: Nextbox 3.0 no picture

About the component cables with no video (original post), can you attach other component devices (such as a Wii or a VCR) into the TV? It's strange that Nextbox to TV on component cables doesn't work. Perhaps you can change one of the input settings on the TV. It's equally odd that a TV that is advertised as 1080p doesn't have an HDMI input!


On a side note, I accidentally changed my Nextbox settings to 1080p as well and my video feed disappeared on my Samsung 1080p TV. HDMI cable was connecting the box to the television. 


After an hour and a half with technical, here's the problem:

Rogers only transmits high-definition signals at 1080i  (not 720p and definitely not 1080p, according to CRTC regulations), forcing the settings into a different output might result in "Not Supported Mode" or pixellation or choppy video. Because of the lack of video output, I was unable to change the video settings back to 1080i. 


Solution with the blank screen (but still have audio)

-Instead of the HDMI cable, use the component cable (RGB) to connect the Nextbox to the TV (steal it from your Wii or another box). The audio cables are unnecessary for now. Use the "source" or "input" from the TV remote to change to component, allowing the video to appear for the settings to be changed. 


-BLIND method (if you don't have component cables):

--Press Exit to clear 

--Press Settings

--Press OK (to choose Appearance)

--Press Down (to bring you to the TV type selection)

***--Press Right four times to cycle through the following:  1080p --> 4:3 --> 16:9 --> 720p --> 1080i ***

--Press Down three times to bring the cursor to SAVE

--Press OK (to choose SAVE)

This might already kick the video into 1080i mode, which means that the video can be seen. 


At this stage, if the screen is still black, 

--Press OK (to choose BEGIN TEST)

--Press Right (to slide to KEEP SETTINGS)

--Press OK (to select KEEP SETTINGS)


If all that doesn't work, repeat the process again, but change the number of "Right" in the *** step to get to the correct setting. 


Hopefully this workaround helps some of you and avoid a long phone call with the technical department. 




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Re: Nextbox 3.0 no picture

Thank you so much, this fixed my issue.  


I have a beautiful, but older, CRT HDTV that doesn't do 720p so the default settings on the new NextBox output nothing but a scrambled picture.


Figured this was the issue when I saw the screen.  So happy to find your solution.


Thanks again!

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Re: Nextbox 3.0 no picture



A minor point but, unless something has changed very recently, as in the last few weeks, Rogers does broadcast some channels in 720p. I just got the Nextbox 3 and still have an 8300HD PVR, where I use pass through. On the front of the 8300, it shows the tuned channel's or recording's output resolution. Most HD channels are 1080i, but some are 720p. Some US networks are definitely 720p. At least one "local" station, formerly The Score, now Sportsnet360, is also 720p. I think there's a couple of others, but offhand don't know which ones.

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Re: Nextbox 3.0 no picture

Thanks all


used the 'blind method' , worked like a charm, then called Rogers and told them to get with the program, they had me connecting, disconnect, swapping , powering off, then on , everything but what needed to be done. Communication to their techies is in order.....

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Re: Nextbox 3.0 no picture

I had this exact same problem.


Could not figure it out.

Tested cables, etc.


Contacted rogers support, they could not figure it out.


I have an older HDTV with no HDMI port.  Rogers really shouldn't assume that everyone has an HDMI port who has an HDTV,


Anyway, the problem was fully resolved when I tried as above mentioned and changed the setting to match my TV rating of 1080i.


One thing I can add, which I discovered by chance, if you connect your TV to the netbox using regular component cables and have everything wired up correctly and input on your TV set correctly and netbox authorized etc, and get audio but no video (ie the problem this thread's about), then, if you switch the GREEN component cable into the regular RCA video out port on the netbox, you WILL get a picture, albeit digitized and low quality.  This is obviously no good for viewing but it DOES all you to work through the menus clearly and you can access the settings and change to 1080i.  It seems to default to 720.  This will help if you don't have a spare HDMI set around or don't feel like moving hardware all over the place.


Then of course be sure to put the green component cable back to its proper position of course.



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Re: Nextbox 3.0 no picture

Thank you! This solved my problem. Simple and logical fix.
I've Been Around
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Re: Nextbox 3.0 no picture

Nice work Jim574 - found the problem with your very detailed explanation. I called Rogers support about this and the person was useless. I even told her I used 2 different Nextbox terminals. She said there was no way to change the settings. Very frustrating. Thanks again.
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Re: Nextbox 3.0 no picture

Chock it up to like many of the reps.. not the right training, etc... some have no clue what the stuff actually does.

The NB2 and 3, use the same software... and both can be set to 720p, 1080i (max you can do with component), and 1080p.
(dont remember if it does 480 or not).

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Re: Nextbox 3.0 no picture

Having the same problem with component cables. Where is the setting in the next box 3 settings menu. I have been up and down the menu but cannot find the setting to change to 1080i.

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Resident Expert
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Re: Nextbox 3.0 no picture

@rammer wrote: ...I have been up and down the menu but cannot find the setting to change to 1080i.

Settings - Appearance - TV Type.