NextBox set to Variable but volume doesn't change

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NextBox set to Variable but volume doesn't change

Hi!  I have a NextBox 4K box connected to an RCA 4K TV (Model No. RTRU5028-CA) into HDMI1 (ARC).  I also have a Samsung DVD/Blu Ray player connected to the TV into HDMI2.  In order to simplify things (so I can get audio from all the devices connected to the TV), I have an optical cable running from the Optical out port of the TV to the Optical In of an RCA Soundbar (Model No. RTS7010B).


The Audio Settings on the NextBox are set to "Dolby Digital" for Audio Output, "Narrow" for Audio Range, and "Variable" for Volume Control.


I get volume from the soundbar just fine, but when I press the Volume up and down button on the Universal Remote, it displays on the screen that it is changing the volume, but the actual volume coming from the soundbar remains the same.


As a workaround, I tried to program the Universal Remote to control the volume on the soundbar itself, but I was not successful, as I have been told there is no code to program that particular model of soundbar.  If you do have a code for this particular model of soundbar, that would be very helpful!


How to I configure this setup so I can control the volume using the Universal Remote?


Thank you in advance for your assistance!




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Re: NextBox set to Variable but volume doesn't change

The variable setting on the Rogers boxes only affects the analogue audio outputs, not the digital outputs like HDMI or optical.  You'll need to control the sound bar directly.  Here's a link to programming the remote. Choose your particular remote, enter the code suggested, or do a full scan of the IR outputs. Unfortunately, there are some devices that the Rogers remote will not control, but that's pretty unusual.  In that event, you may wish to consider a fully programmable remote like the Harmony 665, etc.

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Re: NextBox set to Variable but volume doesn't change

Hi mskinna181,

When you change the volume woth your rogers remote. Do you get the volume indicator that your tv uses for volume or a new different one that looks different?

When you want to use the rogers box to control tje volume INSTEAD of your tv you must ALSO change a setting in the rogers remote so it sends the cable vol7me command instead of the tv manufacturer volume command.

Have you done this? Do u even know how to do this?

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: NextBox set to Variable but volume doesn't change

Thank you, 57!

I have tried again to program the remote to control the soundbar directly, but no luck. There is no code for this particular model.

Thank you, anyway!
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: NextBox set to Variable but volume doesn't change

Hello, Pauly!


When I press up up and down buttons on the remote, the screen displays that the volume is changing from the NextBox, not the TV, but the actual volume remains the same.  (I have other NextBoxes that DO change the volume, so I know what the difference is volume indicators looks like.)


If you could guide me through setting up the remote so it sends the cable volume command instead of the TV manufacturer volume command, that would be appreciated!


Thank you!

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Re: NextBox set to Variable but volume doesn't change

1. Using the link I previously provided, you can download the operating manual for your particular remote by selecting the remote and downloading the manual.  Here's the manual for the 1056 remote. I'm not sure which remote you have.  It tells you how to lock the volume control to a particular device - Step 4.


2. You can go into the Rogers box settings and try selecting "other" for the audio output.  Perhaps that is controllable by the remote instead of dolby digital.


3. Although the code is not posted in the list, it is possible to do a "scan" of all of the IR codes available in the remote to control volume.  If the remote turns the bar on/off, then one of the codes that does this should also control the volume.  These bars are often produced by various manufacturers that may not be the brand name on the front.  Search the web for the more detailed operating manual for your remote, download it and do the scan.  Here's a sample:


Searching for a code is on page 6 of that manual - copied below - search for AUD.


4. You can also contact URC, give them the make/model of your sound bar and see if they have a recommended code.  Did you try the "code finder" in the link I provided earlier?  Although one code may turn the device on/off, there are often other codes that have more functionality and can control volume in addition to on/off.


To search for a code for your TV:
Turn on your TV.
On the remote control, press TV once; it will
blink once. Press and hold SETUP until the TV
button blinks twice, then release SETUP.
Enter 9 - 9 - 1. The TV button will blink twice.
Aim the remote control toward the TV and
press PWR once.
Press CH+ repeatedly until the TV turns off.
NOTE: In search mode, the remote control will
send device codes from its library to the
selected device, starting with the most
popular code first.
You may have to press CH+ dozens of
times until the correct code is found
After your TV has turned off, press SETUP
once to lock in the code. The TV button will
blink twice.
Searching codes for other devices
Since the Rogers remote control is a universal remote, you
can program it for other components by repeating the steps
above and substituting the TV button with the respective
device button (DVD, AUD, etc.).