NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

@57  you are correct, they have done a lot of work on choice of font and size and they have incresed it.


You will see in my other response that unfortunately, contrast issues remain present.  They have improved contrast in many ways, generaly with white on grey with larger fonts, and the bright yellow new, you sure can't miss that, but the light grey on darker does create a challenge, even for my own visual accuity issues, and I am very pleased with all they have done to respond to these issues.  Accommodations is always a bit of a work in progress.


And you are right, I forgot that the tiles grid for future recordings is at the bottom - I do wish they still said the recording date on the tile though - I miss that feature.


For future builds maybe.


As always, thanks for staying well on top of everything that goes on with Cable services.



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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

An example of a good use of contrast and poor use


When I am in My Recordings view of a show that I just deleted my last viewed recording, but it still has future recordings set.


On the right side command choices, Recorded (0), Scheduled (1), Series Recordinjg Settings, and More Like this are all white on that blueish grey texturing, with a bold blue highlight on the chosen item.


As there are no recorded shows at this point in the recordings for this show, the command Delete Recorded Episodes is "greyed out" as people would say, and you know it is not available for choice as there are no episodes recorded at this time.  


This same greyed out font is being used in the list view for details - this is why white is the best choice.


On that same page - the My Recordings at the top right beside the navigatr name in white - the my recordings is in large font, but in grey - that one works ok because it contrasts against the navigtr - the human brain has wonderfully complex methods of dealing with contrast and this one works.


The sort order of (Newest to Oldest), is in an even smaller font, but is more legible in that light grey, again because of being right beside a very large font in white and even the far right red c with the small font Sort A to Z works ok given a very small font because of the white contrasted right next to a very bright red circle with a black c on the forground - or may even be background in that case, as I don't know how they layered it - just playing with that one.


So as we see, the issue of contrast is a significant one, along with where contrasting colours and brightness is placed side by side, and related backgrounds.


It is actually a bit of a science that is well known by illusionists and magicians, and the study of the field of perception (I just happen to have studied the psychology of perception along the way - never thought I would have to apply the concepts to my own vision though).


So just some food for thought for the designers of the interface - contrast and font size, placement of words and backgrounds are critical for providing the most effectively viewed text on a screen and to meet the needs of multiple levels of visual accuity.


It is only a recently growing field of study in the field of accommodations, has been known, but not well studied.


I am just going by my own knowledge and looking at the screen.


If you want to see a great contrast definition - I currently have a black screen with the words "You are currently on channel .... press OK with text placed on a large background white circle - I can read that with incredible ease and it is not a large font.  By the way, one of the best font choices, is still white on black.  It is even better than the black on white paper printing or writing.  Ever written with a white pen on black paper - it is great.  Ever seen light purple on yellow line paper - almost impossible to read.


Life goes on.


As I said, food for thought.



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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

I got the 'upgrade' either Sunday or Monday morning.


Every week i use Zap2It to set my recordings for the week coming - many are already set to record as they are series recordings.  I went through each day & every recording that was set to record in a series showed a red dot at the correct time...that is until i got to Sunday.  There were no series recordings set to record - there was no red dot for any of the 4 series recording i have had ever since the programs started in Sept/Oct.  Thinking that it had something to do with the time change, i decided to call Rogers about it (several years ago, after the time change, all the reoccuring recordings were off by the hour of the time change.


I could record the program & the red dot appeared & it showed up in 'scheduled recording' list.  However, when i went to set it to record the series, it gave me the message that this program was already set to record.  Then i tried to delete the recording that i had set to record as a single recording.  Trying to delete the recording in the Guide said the recording was deleted but the red dot remained.  If i tried to delete it via 'scheduled recordings' it gave me the message that it could not delete it at that time & to try again later.


Strange indeed - 2 reboots (1 soft, 1 hard) did allow deletion - in the Guide & 'scheduled recordings' but if i set it to record again & tried to delete it, i had the same problems.  But, this only happened with programs that had previous been set to record as a series recording but now, did not show as being set to record.


Roger's tech took down all the information & said he would pass it on to the engineers & i would get a call within 24 to 48 hours.  24 hours have passed so hopefully i'll get a call tomorrow.


Worse come to worse, i'll try & delete the series recording & reset it again or just set it to record as a single recording.  Or just wait till Sunday night to see if it records as it should even though it does not appear as a program to record!


Sorry for being so long winded, i'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem crop up - from reading the posts, it seems as if i'm the only one (although i find it hard to believe)


P.S.  Does anyone else just get a grey box, no program artwork, just the program  name on top & something (can't remember what) on the bottom??

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Resident Expert
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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment



The fact that no recordings are set to record is probably due to the time change this coming weekend.  With the New Navigatr firmware we can only hope for the best this weekend.  I usually post the following elsewhere.  I hope it's useful here:


Standard Time starts again for most of us this coming weekend. Don't forget to turn your "clocks" back one hour before going to bed Saturday night. That's, of course, any timekeeping devices that don't get their own signal or are programmed correctly to change the time appropriately.

Some older devices may not change on the proper date since we have one month more DST since 2007. For those older devices with incorrect firmware, I have them set to "manual" instead of "auto DST" and I set them manually twice a year. You could see if there is new firmware available for your older devices. Some older devices may change to Standard time the last Sunday in October for this reason (old firmware). Set those to "manual" if possible.

For items with new firmware, you may still need to enable "auto time zone (or DST) updating" or similar functionality. Some devices have a sequence of button presses to change to/from Standard Time, rather than changing the actual time, although it's a good idea to check the accuracy of the time.

On Sunday morning check all your devices and make sure that any PVR scheduled recordings are still set up properly. Some devices like telephones may require you to turn them off/on or will reset with the first incoming call, etc. For many people with digital devices, this may require digging out those operating manuals.

Whenever I purchase a new device with an operating manual, I also download that manual from the manufacturer's website to my computer and put it in an appropriately-labelled file.


For PVRs, it's probably a good idea not to set any new recordings for next week until Sunday after the time change. Many PVRs, due to the way the firmware works (or doesn't work properly), do not set new recordings well right around the time change. Most PVRs should handle series recordings properly since this time change is nothing new, but again it's a good idea to check on Sunday. Some recordings may currently show the "incorrect" times or "incorrect" programmes because they may be off by an hour when viewed before the time change. These should self-correct on Sunday morning. The different firmware on different devices from different providers will/may handle all these issues differently.

I'm posting this a bit earlier than usual because some people are already seeing these sorts of effects on their PVRs. For example, the "timers" for Rogers' IPG and the AnyPlace Web Application for Computer/Browsers may behave differently from the App and the PVRs themselves.


PS.  I'm not sure if you're referring to the fact that artwork is not available for every tile, but certainly, many of my tiles don't have artwork.


PPS.  On AnyPlace, many of my scheduled recordings next week are currently showing "manual recording" and are "off" by one hour.  My PVR itself seems to have the series showing properly under "Scheduled Recordings".

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

57, that's what i thought too, that it had to do with the time change - however, Rogers was unaware of this being the case when i mentioned it to tech support.


When i went into Anyplace last night, it showed the correct % of disk space used, however it dId NOT show any recorded or scheduled recordings - it was empty.


I'll check things later today & hopefully things have been rectified for Sunday's series recordings & for later on next week.


Here's hopin'!

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

If I recall our discussions on this one with the last two time changes, many of the techs and CSR's were completely unaware of the issue and I don't think it has ever been acknowledged as an issue, although it certainly is as @57 described very well - it is a very detailed and complicated issue to explain and he did well.



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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

The time changes didn't and still don't affect SARA and I don't recall complaints about it for RTN either. It seems that with Navigatr the Guide beyond the time change was off by an hour, as it is on RAPTV and then gets fixed at the last minute.


Just out of curiosity, I scheduled a Sunday morning show using RAPTV at 12:30 p.m. and it shows scheduled for 11:30 a.m. Standard Time on my 8300 PVR.  So it looks like if you schedule a recording beyond the time change using its name, you'll be okay. One would have thought they'd fixed the time change anomaly by now.

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

Hey guys

So i got the 4K PVR box yesterday and noticed a couple of things with the software which should be the same as the NextBox 3.0. When trying to delete a show or movie, it takes about 1 minute to delete the actual movie/ show.

Also i noticed when pressing the " DVR" button on my Harmony Elite remote, it takes me to my recorded movies / shows but once I press a title, it starts lagging and takes another minute to open thay window up and watch what i want to watch. I am seeing some lag in this software.

Will keep a eye out on more.

Software version is
UI version is 19222 / 28392
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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

Hi guys, first of all, apologies if this has already been discussed.  Does anyone know why some shows (e.g. Westworld on HBO) show up as "New" in the guide for every instance it's set to air?  For example, new episodes of Westworld are on every Sunday night.  The same episode is then re-aired several times throughout the week but they all say "New" in the guide.  This has caused my PVR to record every single instance of the same episode!  So while there have only been a handful of new episodes (I think 3 or 4), my PVR has 29 instances of it recorded!!  I checked my PVR settings and everything is set correctly (i.e. only record new episode, only record on this day, only record during this timeslot, etc).  Thanks.

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

The incorrect "new" information is not really Rogers "fault" and has nothing to do with Navigatr. This is how the information comes to Rogers, either from the IPG provider, (not Rogers) or the "broadcaster" (again not Rogers). It would show this way for any provider that utilizes those sources.


This "incorrect New" information has been discussed often on various forums and one needs to utilize it on programming where you have experience with it working properly.  It is not possible for it to be 100% accurate at this time, although it is much better than it once was.


I rarely utilize the "new" option because it is still quite unreliable.  I either set timeslot recordings (which sometimes don't work properly either)  or single recordings, or "all/on this day" recordings instead.  This is based on experience with specific programming and I also always check my scheduled recordings using AnyPlace (or the new Scheduled Recordings list on Navigatr) to ensure I don't record the same thing many times or miss any of my favourite recordings.


In addition, the "new" label is specific to that channel.  So even if you see a "new" label, that programme may have aired previously on another channel.