NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

@GavinCampbell wrote:

What is the version number of this new update?  I tried looking but don't see it mentioned anywhere. 

Here`s what I currently see for my system info with the new update.

Cisco Ver

UI Ver 19222/28392

Classic Ver 62.00.21

VOD Tier 3 Ver 62.00.20

Espial TV Browser 6.5.9-1.9.5


Look under Troubleshooting for your system info.

I'm a Trusted Contributor
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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

@molly222 wrote:

I will never understand why Rogers DOESN'T TEST these "upgrades" with real users.


@molly222  It appears that testing takes place in the community forum by "real users".  It is much cheaper than paying someone to do their testing. Smiley Wink 

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

Newbie here.

I have been on the Rogers system for about 1 month since leaving SD after 15 years, and for the most part, no hiccups.

Personally, the SD PVR is more user friendly with its guide & overall PVR functionality in operation and presentation.

Rogers multi record and ability to view on several different TV's is a great feature.

Now on topic, I had the update approx. 2 days ago and prior to, no viewing or recording issues.

Now I am having recordings stop recording after 2 - 4 minutes, live feed stopping and pixelating than restarting.

PVR is Cisco 9865.

As I like to bulk watch, save 8-10 episodes before powering through them, this is going to be an issue. 

I have rebooted the unit once this evening to see if that would eliminate the issue, but it repeated itself.

Seems to occur when 2 shows are recording at once. They both start to record, and than 1 will stop ~ 2-4 minutes in.

Anyone else experiencing this issue, either with the update or previosuly? 



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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

Don't want to clutter up the thread with this but finally appears my missing channels issues were resolved.After the tech left with a promise to escalate to maintenance I saw the Rogers tech at the node later today. He actually stopped at my house after 5Pm and wanted to check to make sure everything was working and after the NB2 had a reboot all 3 Nextboxes were happy again.He stated that it was a computer that controls the SDV  and the IP addresses and although someone replaced it yesterday they wired it up wrong. Still call me impressed that he took the time to stop in and check to make sure he corrected the problem for both me and the other neighbour down the street who had the same issues a few days before me.

Anyway after using the interface tonight the one fix I really like was the ability to press INFO while watching a recorded show and not getting kicked out of the recording.Like that.

The fonts like previously mentioned have changed a bit and yes the resume feature on a recorded show takes a short playback time before it is an option.Hopefully the guide switching back to default all channels at times has been resolved not sure about that yet.Still probably a few things to work on but I'm honestly not sure we'll see any major updates.IPTV is the focus now and I'm sure software changes probably cost Rogers $  when they need the third party to write them.

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Resident Expert
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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment



Many of these issues are due to poor/weak signals at your home or in your neighbourhood.  Call Rogers and have them check your signal at home and in your area.

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

I got the update this morning (Wednesday) and now any series I've had scheduled to be recorded is not being updated past next Monday. I tried rebooting and that did nothing. I tried scheduling the local daily news and it only scheduled tomorrow's program. The tiles are being displayed but there is no scheduled events.

Anyone else have this problem?

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

I should also add that I checked the guide and nothing is flagged past Monday.
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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

Got the update Tuesday..the only issue I have is with the Guide! Prior to update I  could see Subscribed channels, and by pressing guide button a second time, could view my favourites. This option is now not functional! If I set favourites and press a second time all I see are All Channels! Tried many ways to revert to the settings I had before but simply doesn't accept it! Simple before.....not any more! I want to see what I'm paying for please!?

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

Seems to have straightened itself out with the nightly guide update.

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

Hello @PamR,

I have the update, and pressing "Guide" a second time does indeed display my favourites. What version of the software do you have? To check:


- Press "Settings" on remote. 

- Press "up arrow" once, then press "OK/Select" to open Troubleshooting

- Press "down arrow" twice, the press "OK/Select" to open About


I am running Videoscope Vantage, and Espial TV browser 6.5.9-1.9.5. If you are running a lower version, then hopefully the newer version will be pushed out to you soon, restoring the functionality you are looking for.