NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

Hey Community,


Starting today, we’re rolling out the new Navigatr software updates to some NextBox cable customers in communities north, west, and east of Toronto – including Newmarket, Oshawa, Ajax, Brampton, Mississauga, and Milton.


As we’ve worked towards this rollout, we’ve highlighted some of the new functionality you can look forward to, including:

    • The choice to see recorded programs displayed in (Poster Art) or list-view (text-only)
    • Multiple programs can be deleted at once
    • A updated and refreshed look to Rogers on Demand and Get More TV


The update will be going out to the rest of the customers in communities across our Ontario cable footprint this week and next. We hope you enjoy your refreshed Navigatr experience!



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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

@JonBoy49  All the best to you in your new service model.  You have persisted as so many of us have in trying to move forward towards a quality product - we are not there in my own opinion, and I agree, 15 months to make trivial changes (and I too have done programming and purchased programming services, and I am in agreement).


You are to be complimented and thanked by all of us on the forum and those of us who have did everything within our power to guide Rogers in making a high quality product, which unfortunately, from a usability point of view, they didn't achieve.


I personally thank you and wish you the best.  We all have our limits.


For me personally, we are moving sometime in the next year, outside of the GTA, and depending upon where we move, Rogers may not even be available, but I will seriously consider options, even if they are.


There will be those who are quite comfortable with what has been given to them, for them, I am pleased for you, but I do feel a bit sorry for those who got this post January builds, have learned how to use the box and have never really known what we were all asking for, and will be left wondering, what just happened to them.



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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

Anyplace web and android version access  unable to access NB3 - related to upgrade?


Wasn't sure where to post this one - so many of the Anyplace TV posts are related to the home version on apple devices.


I tried this evening to access anyplace TV to see how it is functioning with the new deployment.


I was unable to log in.  If I logged into the web page, the manage PVR icon was not there.


Logged out, it was there.  When I clicked on the icon, it took me to the log in, and then the following message came up.


We seem to be experiencing some difficulties. Please try signing in again at a later time. We apologize for the inconvenience."
Anyone else experience this - I have had other times when I could not get in and then at a later point able to get in.  Been a few hours now and I can't access the manage PVR, and can't access on my Android home version app either.
Anyone else experiencing this?
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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment


Yup. I am getting the same thing. It seems to be like any other service offered by rogers - hit and miss at best. 

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment


I have never looked forward to anything with navigatr and having recieved the new update, I still find it very much lacking. I am not sure what would fix this other than a complete break with espial and a completely new guide. 

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

I agree absolutely 100% with your "hit & miss" comment...except for the "hit" part.

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

Ditto...the IOS app Home Edition won't login either...


Nice Rogers...roll out an incomplete, broken product.




Not cool man...not cool.

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

Hello all,

I circled back with RogersHelps on twitter, and they are now saying "We have identified an issue with the Anyplace TV service. We are having our technicians look into this matter...".


So - they are aware and are working on it.  I'll post back when I get an update.

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment



Thx for the info, but a bit late.  

Got the new version in the wee hours last night, here in Mississauga.


BTW what's the big deal about being able to do a multi delete??

It was a main Rogers selling point of the original disastergatr.

But, is it really needed, wanted ?


BTW #2 when I go to channel 179, the news TV mix, it often get stuck on the audio of the 1st channel, RT, when I click over to one of the other little onscreen boxes. 

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Re: NextBox Navigatr - October/November 2016 Deployment

@park  We got ours in the middle of the night at around 2:00.  My wife was just falling asleep on the couch and it woke her.  She is not sure how many reboots it did and since she was asleep, she never saw the preview descriptions of changes.


I am actually in agreement with you on the multiple delete - I didn't actually use it on my first Nextbox 2 or first Nextbox 3, so not really a big deal to me either, but obviously some people liked it as many were quite persistent that it be returned.


I have always had problems with those group show type channels loading anything in a timely way, but just check them all, and they populated almost immediately after a brief loading message.  I generally have never used the feature - have no use for it.


Rogers Grid would not load at all (the sports channels), and I noticed that the long standing box in the bottom of TV Mix-News that says For more HD program on demand press B is still there, although it has not had any function for a long time.  You would think that at some points someone would drop that graphic, but guess it got lost in the bug list, long time ago as it has been raised before.  Just thought I would mention it since I was looking at the channel.


One last old glitch, has been mentioned before, but not highlighted in the summary list of issues, but discussed in the thread is the saved list for On-Demand shows - if you select the show, and click FAV, it will put a star beside the selection, and if you then press B, you will see the saved list, and the shows, and a play all or delete choice.  But as before, once you exit out of On-Demand the play list is now empty and never permanently saved.  What is the point of a play list that lasts only while you are on-demand.  Just mentioning.


If there is ever to be a minor upgrade, maybe some of these little things can be dealt with too. Either make the play list work and save in memory, or get rid of it.  It emulates the Netflix and other models of shows marked for future viewing, so you can get to them easily, but someone missed a step in the programming - save the list in memory for future access. Not uncommon to miss a simple item like this, but please deal with it.


Looks like there are still some key items that are missing to be dealt with, in particular some useful and easy access to details of shows and channels in all locations of list or tiles.




To each their own