NextBox 3.0 Connections

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NextBox 3.0 Connections

what are the connectins on the back of a netbox 3 Usb ethernet etc. can they be used and how? Also where can I find a detaied user's guide for the netbox?




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Re: NextBox 3.0 Connections

There really isn't one.

If you look up the Cisco d9865 you can find some from other sources which have at least the connection info.

The box has hdmi, component, composite, stereo and toslink optical out.
It has a network port , but it is not active/used.
The USB ports I beleive can be used for an extender but that's it.
There is an esata, which is primarily for the extender.

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Re: NextBox 3.0 Connections

Hey Everyone 


Hi All



USB and Ethernet ports on NextBox 3.0 are not active. You can download the NextBox user guide by clicking here;



Let us know if you require further assistance! Smiley Happy



Thank you

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Re: NextBox 3.0 Connections

There are 2 USB ports on the back of my nextbox. Can I watch media from the USB when it's plugged into the box?

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Re: NextBox 3.0 Connections

Hello @Jvlaho,

Unfortunately, no - you cannot play back media from a USB key plugged into the cable box. Sorry!

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Re: NextBox 3.0 Connections


You might be able to use them to charge your phone, but other than that,