NextBox 2 - Audio issues on some channels

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NextBox 2 - Audio issues on some channels

My mother got the NB2 a year ago for free, as an incentive to get rid of the little

digital - analog box.

Over this time there where issues of the OS speed, but have been resonably

taken care with software updates and various resets through Rogers website.

One problem, however, persists.

Sound (volume) levels are inconsistent from channel to channel.

Eg.:  02  TVO is way to low. Tv volume must be turned up to 39 to hear any thing.

Then other channels are too loud.

Why doesn't Rogers compensate for this? And if the low volume problem originates

at TVO, why are they not told to adjust their levels?

Thanks for any answers.




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Re: NextBox 2 - Audio issues on some channels

Good evening @telios,


Welcome to the Community and thank you for your post.


Inconsistent audio issues are definitely inconvenient. Is this issue happening on more than one channel? I wasn't able to replicate the issue on channel 2 on my end. I see you've mentioned speaking to tech support about other issues pertaining to the box, have you ever had any troubleshooting completed for this specific issue?


Any one else in the Community experiencing something similar?






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Re: NextBox 2 - Audio issues on some channels

@telios : Have a look at the following post onwards in that thread and see if any of the recommendations there help:

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