Next Box 3.0 whole home PVR setup

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Next Box 3.0 whole home PVR setup

I just got the Next box 3.0 installed in my mainfloor family room. We are in the process of renovating our basement and sometime in the future (next spring) we'll have a TV down there and will rent a regular next box for the basement to be able to use as whole home PVR. (i.e., we can turn on the TV in the basement and watch recorded shows form out PVR upstairs).


My question is whether any hardware (wires) needs to be installed to connect the basement next box to the PVR. or is the coaxial cable that goes to the basement TV going to be enough?


I would hate to go through the basement renovation to find out that I need another cable stapled to the baseboards to connect to the whole home PVR. And if a new cable needs to be installed, I can do it now before the drywall goes in.






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Re: Next Box 3.0 whole home PVR setup

No aditional cabling would be needed for the whole home PVR, no (no ethernet, etc).


If you are putting new wiring down there, may as well put the best you can, to maximize your signal quality, etc.. get RG6 if you can.

And make sure that is a direct run to where the line comes into the house.


Other than that, the rest of the setup is by rogers, and they would do that where the line comes into the house.  They will install a MOCA filter, which prevents any communication from the boxes going OUT of the house.. and makes a small network via the coax... they may have to re-arange splitters, etc to get everything grouped together right.

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Re: Next Box 3.0 whole home PVR setup


Thanks for the response.

I was hoping to hear that 🙂

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Re: Next Box 3.0 whole home PVR setup

I have not received the upgrade yet. May I know when my Netbox will be upgraded to the new Navigator.

The Guide now is useless. Formerly, the channels that I did not subscribe to were grayed out, not now. Which is really inconvenient.


Thank you.

Vinicius Scursel