Next Box 3.0 and PVR Extender

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Next Box 3.0 and PVR Extender

I have no idea what y'all are techie-talking about Smiley Tongue but I showed this thread to my husband, he tried what was suggested (deleting something on the gizmo?) and he got it connected and working, woohoo! 


*** Thank you so much! ***

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Resident Expert
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Re: Next Box 3.0 and PVR Extender

Glad to hear you got it working 🙂

Unfortunately.. yeah.. unless you have a BIT of technical knoledge.. its not an easy thing to do..

The average JOE USER shouldnt have to have to do this to get it working 😞

And it WAS working before (as mine pluged in and worked fine)... i am guessing a bad batch of pre-formated ones or something from Segate.

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Re: Next Box 3.0 and PVR Extender

It's Jan 2014 and I had an extender on my 8300 PVR that I want to use on my new 9865HD PVR. (NB3.0) We have already started using the 9865 so I am anticipating problems. We deleted all the saved programs on the extender and on the 8300.

(One of the disk drives died on the 8300 by the way but that is another story.)

I have not started doing this yet, but here is my plan:

1. Unplug everything.

2. Format the Rogers (Seagate) 1 TB extender on my PC. This should get rid of the partition that people are talking about.

3. Plug the formatted extender into the 9865 (SATA connection just below the HDMI for the HDTV on the 9865 box)

4. Power up the extender, then power up the 9865 and turn it on and see what happens.


I'll try to describe what happens for the non-techy types.


Not having a manual for the NB3.0 9865HD and not getting clear answers from Rogers is pretty sad. Letting clients fubble along trying to get things to work is unbelieveable.  I also have a Western Digital 2 TB storage device that might work in theory, but I am not going to risk trying to connect it at this point.


Wish me luck. 🙂


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Resident Expert
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Re: Next Box 3.0 and PVR Extender

not sure if the units are designed to read a drive over 1tb.


I transitioned from a new IPG 8642 to 9865 with no issues, without having to put into a PC first.. BUT.. the 8300 is running SARA, so may be still formatted differently.
Might be a good idea, to do as you said before hand, JUST to be sure.

And you are just not formatting the drive.  You want to go in, and remove ANY partition that you find there.
Go into control pannel > computer management > disk management, and remove any partitions at all for that external drive.

I'm a Trusted Contributor
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Re: Next Box 3.0 and PVR Extender

Hi again,


Well, success!  I found the instruction  below on the Rogers website so I modified my plan a little.

For Step 1 below I had 30.3% full already on my 9865HD PVR and there were scheduled recordings.

I got to step 7 okay and did the reboot until I got the TIME at step 8.

The prompt at Step 8 was Attention you have connected to an external .... etc. etc. You now had to choose:

 Yes, reformat the external device

 No, do NOT reformat the external device

I SELECTED  Yes, reformat the external device  ( no pressing of A )

then you get an "are you sure"  with:

   YES  NO


At this point there was no indication that anything was happening.

There was a LOADING message but it had disappeared. A little while later I pressed LIST and still nothing, so I waited.

Eventually the recordings list showed up. Poof!

It indicated 15.1% full  with a warning:  There is an External Device hooked .... blah, blah, Do not unhook, etc. etc.  and then it disappeared.

Everything looked ready to go, but I still had not done Step 10.

Just in case something needed to be reset, I unplugged the power from the PVR and plugged it back in after 10 seconds +.

Got the BOOT, then the TIME and then I turned on the PVR and got the LOADING streamer.

Everything looked ok.

With the 8300 there was a message that there is an External Device hooked .... blah, blah... and it disappears.

With the 9865, there was no similar message. 


That's it.. I hope this helps someone else.

One little issue, when hooking up the SATA connection to the back of the PVR, I must have done something to the HDMI connection to the TV because during the reboot of the PVR I got a NO SIGNAL on the screen. A little jiggling of the HDMI cable on the back of the HD PVR fixed it. Make sure you are on the right source.


Installing a PVR Extender.

To install a PVR Extender, follow the steps below. (IMPORTANT: These steps must be completed in the exact order specified)

  1. Press LIST your Rogers remote control. (Note the recording space currently available on your PVR - Digital Set Top Box without an Extender connected).
  2. Unplug the power cable from the back of the PVR - Digital Set Top Box.
  3. Connect one end of the eSATA data cable to the back of the PVR - Digital Set Top Box.
  4. Connect the other end of the eSATA data cable to your PVR Extender.
  5. Connect your PVR Extender’s power adaptor to a wall power outlet.
  6. Connect the power source to your PVR Extender.
  7. Reconnect the power cord to the back of the PVR - Digital Set Top Box.
  8. After the current time is displayed on the front, turn on the Digital Set Top Box by pressing the power button on the front of the box.
    NOTE: A prompt will appear on your TV screen, requesting to format the external storage device.
  9. When prompted, press A on your Rogers Remote to format your PVR Extender.
  10. Reboot your PVR - Digital Set Top Box by unplugging the power cord for 10 seconds, then reconnect.


  • After the PVR – Digital Set Top Box reboot is complete and the current time is shown on the display screen, press POWER, then LIST your Rogers remote to see the additional recording space available. The percentage of space used should be less than was noted in Step 1.

 This took 15 minutes to do total and I hope it dispells any misinformation that is out there.  In the future I might try my Western Digital 2 TB External Storage device. Good luck to all. 



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Next Box 3.0 and PVR Extender any chance are you using a Sony (or Sony off brand TV)?


I had a tech install my NxBx3 yesterday and he noticed my Sony TV and said there are HDMI issues when using the NxBx3 with them. They will lose the connection and need to power cycle the TV or reboot the NxBx3. Perhaps unplugging/plugging the HDMI cable could also resolve. Mine is an older Sony TV and I have not experienced the issue though.


Also as an FYI I moved my 1TB extender from my NxBx2 to the NxBx3 and it formatted and is working properly. Now if only I could get the SD letterboxing to go away I would be happy. NxBx2 did not have it but NxBx3 does. 



Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Next Box 3.0 and PVR Extender

The HDMI CEC is broken on the NB3.. but from what i have seen/heard, the sonys seem to have the BIGEST issue with it.

Try turing off the bravia sync, and see if that helps (though it will disable the bravia sync features if you are using them with another device)


the SD letterboxing.. is part the NB2/3 and part the channel.

I am guessing, your NB2 only had the OLD guide and not the NEW guide, the same as the NB3?
On the old guide on the NB2 and the older boxes.. an SD channel would AUTO scale up to full screen, as its on 480i.
With the new guide, on the NB2 and the NB3.. it is auto scaling everything up to 1080i.. no two seperate modes.

Some SD channels, you will find, will only have the bars on the sides.  Many SD channels now are releasing in a 'false' widescreen, with the bars then top and bottom as well.  Makes it even smaller on teh screen.. but allows then to ZOOM in to make full screen.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Next Box 3.0 and PVR Extender

NB2 had the new guide. I got it when the "whole home PVR" was released. I believe I had the setting to "stretch" in the guide settings but for some reason it does not take effect on the NB3. I also have one of the HD(4642HD I believe) boxes with the new guide(a requirement of the whole home setup) and it also displays the SD channels in stretch mode. Not a huge deal as most of the programming we watch is HD and it is an LCD so the burn in issue is not as relavant as it would be on my plasma.


Also FYI - I do not have CEC enabled on my Sony so that is perhaps why I have not experienced any issues thus far.

I'm a Trusted Contributor
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Re: Next Box 3.0 and PVR Extender

It's a Samsung TV. I assume you mean the HDMI cable seems to come out of the Sony TV fairly easily.
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Next Box 3.0 and PVR Extender

how do you remove the partition?