News Mix (189) sound only in top left channel!

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I Plan to Stick Around
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News Mix (189) sound only in top left channel!

Hello and thanks all for this opportunity to ask and share!


The news mix channel 189 almost every time I go there I can see the 6 channels, but when I go over channels it doesn't change the sound! I only get sound for the first channel! 😞


I found a solution: I select one of the channels, then after it goes into it (CNN or whatever) I click LAST and it takes me back to new mix, and then when I move over to the other channels I get their sound, great! I just wanted to share the solution with all 🙂


btw either odd or annoying or cruel I can only see the tiny BBC or Euronews, but I can use the internet and see every single show in BBC or Euronews? Where's the logic there?




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Retired Moderator RogersPrasana
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Re: News Mix (189) sound only in top left channel!

Hi @Teo4


Thanks for posting on the Community Forums! Smiley Happy


Have you tried rebooting your digital box and trying the News Mix channel? How about another mix channel? Are you unable to hear sound on those as well?


Let us know to assist.



I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 25

Re: News Mix (189) sound only in top left channel!

Hiya RogersPrasana!


I booted yesterday - full power off - and right after that, it worked great!


A wonderful person Steven even called me last night to help me! Channel 179 on mine, and he saw and even replicated the problem. Then he escelated it and asked if I wanted to be notified but I'll know if it's fixed as soon as anyone else, I sadly go to that channel all the time!


Today again I had to go to CNN or CTV from News Mix and back and forth about 4 times, then finally I could get Euronews and BBCNews which are the far right 2 channels, the 1s I really want to hear!


I'm not going into Baby mix or Cartoon mix so I don't know if those work.. good question though, maybe the mix function needs QC quality control or updating.. 


Thanks again for this great opportunity! Hopy my work-around helps.