New Rogers RF remote

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Re: New Rogers RF remote

PS: Perhaps someone with this remote and a NB3 could do me a favour?.. might save me a trip to the Rogers store.

I said I need to know the default code base for this remote (CABLE mode), to restore original button mappings. There is a way to blink back the current code for each device. I believe it will be a 4-digit code, though just in case, please test for a 5th digit as well.

Here's how to get it.
- Press CABLE
- Hold SETUP for 2 seconds until it blinks twice.
- Press 9 9 0
- To read the 1st digit of the code, tap 1. Count the number of times the LED button near the top flashes red. If a code digit is 0, it won't flash.
- Next, to get the 2nd digit of the code, tap 2.
- Repeat with 3rd and 4th digits. Then try 5th.
- It will exit this diagnostic mode automatically when the last digit of the device code is flashed.

If I remember correctly you have to play the sequence in order, so pressing 9 9 0 then 2 won't work. Also, if there are only 4 digits in the code being played back, I believe when you test a 5th, it will flash once and if the tv/pvr are on, you'll see a '5' on the screen as it will have just sent '5' as a channel change input.
I'm a Reliable Contributor
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Re: New Rogers RF remote

Just got back from the Rogers store. I tested out the display model (paired with a NB3) and... it's got the same code as I was using, 1-8-7-7. And, I then tested its Menu button, and it brings up Menu - as it should (mine brings up Settings). So I'm not sure why the remote is not behaving as originally set up - but not being able to restore properly is obviously a serious issue that needs a solution. I will file a ticket with Tech Support to alert them.


The store rep was kind enough to issue me an advance replacement, so I now have 2 of these remotes to play with - and hopefully I'll be able to figure out a way to restore the original functionality on the broken one.


I should add that like MrMontagoose found, the RF pairing does NOT work after the remote is reset via 9-8-1.

So rest assured, MrMontagoose, it's not you, it's the remote! The box reboot instructions (that were described to you by Tech Support) also did not work for me once the remote has been reset. So last night, I used my other pvr's Atlas remote to reboot the box.

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Re: New Rogers RF remote

Thanks for confirming I'm not crazy 🙂

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Re: New Rogers RF remote

An update:


1) I've had no luck in restoring my original Factory Reset-ed URC-2125 to its original condition, despite a lot of effort researching, and trying.


2) having used the first remote as my 'test' remote for advanced programming, I successfully programmed the 2nd 'virgin' remote. Only then did I realized that I hadn't RF-paired it yet. Problem: like the original remote (only following its Fatory Reset), this one refused to pair - the device light flashed for about 60 seconds instead of 2 every time I attempted to pair, and rebooting the NB3 didn't have any effect on the issue. I tried a few things, left it overnight and tried again Sunday morning. Eventually, more trial and error, I got it paired. After unpairing it again, I tested the original remote - no still won't pair. Re-paired the 2nd remote, no problem.


3) I was just about to post here the advanced programming instructions I'd typed up, but then I realized it's probably not a good idea to do that unless I also provide instructions to UNDO the programming.


Unfortunately, clearing some of the programming is proving as difficult as programming it - because some of the setup keypress sequences that are known to work on other remotes don't seem to work on this one. I tested and have used repeatedly now a way to remove ALL custom programming (which is less destructive than the Factory Reset sequence and has no unwanted side-effects whatsoever), however each feature enabled on a custom basis should be able to be individually reverted.


Just need another evening or 2 playing with it and I think I'll have it figured out.

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Re: New Rogers RF remote

Good Afternoon,



I presume others will have this challenge as i have struggled on the phone for over an hour, tried 2 remotes and 2 different boxes ( loosing all my presaved programs).


If you press and hold "setup" + "up arrow" and you  get a flashing button and 1 big flash this means that your remote needs to be Un-paired.

To do this, press and hold "setup" + "down arrow" and you should get 1 big flash. Once this has happened try the above again.


This isn't in the current "training" for "technical support" so try it before calling a technician.



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Re: New Rogers RF remote

My remote is Jeckyll and Hyde.  Sometimes it works fine, but then it gets into that "mode" I described earlier where it appears to be expecting some 3-key code before proceeding.  Last night, after watching a recorded show I tried to delete it and simply could not.  When you click to delete it pops up a confirmation dialog and you have to press OK to confirm.  If you don't press anything the confirmation dialog times out and goes away.  No matter how hard I tried I could not get the remote to cycle through its expected 3 codes fast enough to beat the pop-up timeout.


I have no idea how I get into this state and I don't know how I get out (I tried the procedure I posted earlier doing a factory reset but this time it didn't perform the reset). 


I really want to like this remote but it's just too flaky.

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Re: New Rogers RF remote

why would you remove the pip move button and what has to be done for whole home pvr to work that a tech has to come out... nothing.. add a filter on that line. something anyone can add without a tech. because he doesnt even turn the tvs on he just does a power cycle n then it works. n yet on the phone they say oh the tech has to program the boxes to work togethet. well thats a bold face lie. stop lying to customers...

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Resident Expert
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Re: New Rogers RF remote

I personally beleive that rogers shouldnt be charging for the visit..


But overall, i can see WHY it is/generally should be necessary.

I would say generally MOST people are not aware of how their house is wired. 
While the filter install itself is easy, its just a connection on both sides.  It does have to be in the right place for the whole home to work.  It needs to be before the splitter, etc where all the TVs are off of.  All the TVs have to be off that splitter if they are to be included.  The filter can not go before the internet or home phone modem.
Doing self install..  i am sure that many could get put in the wrong spot.

As for the 'programming' part.  No, the tech themselves, dont have to do anything for it.
But they do call in, to get it pushed out to the box.
Could a user call in to get this done?  Yes? Kind of.
I myself, had to swap an HD box once.. and the new one didnt have the software on it obviously.
Calling in, I had to go through like 5 different people till i found one who could do it.  I dont know how many of the basic techs are able to do it. (vs the people that the tech at your house talk to is different.)

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Re: New Rogers RF remote

My old remote for the Cisco 8642 HD PVR stopped working and was replaced with a new URC2125 remote. However, some of the buttons are not functioning properly. Does anyone know the code specific to this PVR?

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Re: New Rogers RF remote


Did you ask for the new RF remote, or is that the only one they now have as a replacement?

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