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New Rogers RF remote

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Have yet to pick one up myself.. but will possibly try this week.


Its an RF remote, so it doesnt need line of sight.
This will be a great asset to people wanting to set up a home theatre, etc type of setup where the box may not be right infront of the TV itself.


Though.. the TV on/off part of it (or any other paired devices) will still be done via IR and not RF.


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Re: New Rogers RF remote

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We have a Nextbox 3.0 set up with a Samsung Smart TV. The remote has been paired with the TV, no problem.


However we also have a Samsung Soundbar. And currently, we have to use the remote that came with the soundbar, to adjust the volume of the soundbar. I've tried to "Pair" the Rogers remote with the Samsung soundbar using all the codes found on the rogers website, and also the CH+ alternative approach. Nothing seems to work.


The model number for the samsung soundbar is HW-J355. 



I don't have the papers for my remote but I'm assuming it is "Atlas URC1056BO4" or "Atlas URC1-56A03" because that's exactly what it looks like. (From this page


Thing is, there are many different ways of "pairing" these things and I'm not sure which one I should be using. This site shows a bunch of different methods:


I've been using this method:


Press the mode key for the device you wish to setup. (So I press the "AUD" key for "Audio")

Then I press and hold the setup key until the AUD button flashes twice, then I enter the code and try to hit power to turn off.


Should I not be hitting power? Should I try adjusting the volume instead? Should I be using a different method with these models?


I've tried all these codes so far, PLUS the CH+ method:












Nothing has worked. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I just want to be able to adjust the volume of the samsung soundbar with the rogers remote.


Re: New Rogers RF remote

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Resident Expert

@bscrivens :  You say you have a 1056 remote, but the link you provided for the user manual is for the RF remote. The two are programmed in different ways.  Here's a link for the 1056 manual:


Try following the instructions there and use the "code finder" if possible in the first link of your post to get the code for the sound bar. Sound bars may be tricky and there may not be a code specifically for them/it.  If you try and it doesn't work, you can try contacting URC for the code, or call Rogers.  (The code I got was 1868, which was one you tried, but I'm not sure you programmed it in the correct way for the 1056...

Re: New Rogers RF remote

I Plan to Stick Around
Have you tried to get a code from the manufacturer's site instead of Rogers? That's what finally did the trick for me with an LG bar. Couldn't get it to work using any of the Rogers instructions.

Re: New Rogers RF remote

I Plan to Stick Around

That link has the same method I tried with my remote. It says to press "AUD" and hold "SETUP" until "AUD" flashes, then enter code and press power and hope for it to turn off. I did this method. Did not work. Isn't this the correct way?


Searched up specific model on samsung website, couldn't find any "remote codes" anywhere, even downloaded the user manual and don't see anything about the codes for universal remotes. 


Would I be able to do an online chat with a Rogers employee other than a phone call to solve this problem?

Re: New Rogers RF remote

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Resident Expert

@bscrivens : Here's the link for Chat, note the times: