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New Rogers RF remote

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Have yet to pick one up myself.. but will possibly try this week.


Its an RF remote, so it doesnt need line of sight.
This will be a great asset to people wanting to set up a home theatre, etc type of setup where the box may not be right infront of the TV itself.


Though.. the TV on/off part of it (or any other paired devices) will still be done via IR and not RF.


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Re: New Rogers RF remote

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Two remote controls


Can I setup my TV and Rogers box with two different remote controls without conflicts?


Because sometime we can not find the remote control it was misplaced somewhere by the kids.



Re: New Rogers RF remote

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Yes, you can set up your TV and STB with as many different remotes as you want. I have mine set up with the Rogers Atlas remote, Rogers Champion remote, Harmony remote, and Samsung IR and RF remotes. Kids losing remotes is one reason I have so many.

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Re: New Rogers RF remote

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Problem using WATCH CABLE button


I recently picked up a new NextBox and it came with the URC2125 remote. I went through the steps of setting it up and I can control the box and TV properly, in their individual modes. I proceeded to set up the WATCH CABLE button. It turns everything OFF, but only turns the digital box ON, NOT the TV. To be sure, I can turn the TV on if I put in TV mode and press the power button. The TV is an Insignia 39". Any suggestions?



Re: New Rogers RF remote

Hello @PatrickSL,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 😃


I know how important it is to have the remote setup the way you like. It makes it much more convenient having to press one button to turn on all of your devices instead of turning each one on individually. 


Please follow the steps below to set up the Watch Cable button:


1. Press and hold SETUP until the mode key blinks twice.
2. Press the WATCH CABLE key.
3. Press each mode key that you wish to turn ON when you watch cable TV.
4. Press and hold SETUP until the mode key blinks twice. Your new setting is saved.


It's important that each step is done seamlessly as a few seconds of inactivity on the remote will cause it to time-out and you have to start from step 1 again. You can also Click Here to visit the website for more programming options for the remote.


I hope this helps!




Re: New Rogers RF remote

I've Been Here Awhile

I understand how to program the the Watch Cable button. As mentioned, both devices can be turned off together, however ONLY the box will turn ON.


box on + TV on: Watch Cable turns both off.

box off + TV off: Watch Cable turns box on only.