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Re: New Nextbox Navigator


Excellent point! Rogers is still not getting it at all!

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@RogersGabrielle  Thanks for letting us know how to follow a thread. 


I honestly have no idea what an RSS feed is, nor do I have any desire to learn how to use one.  I am getting old, my brain power for learning new stuff is deteriating, and the reality is the only reason I am on this forum in the first place was I was recommended by one of your CSR's to come here back in June when I was dealing with another technical issue that they had no answer for, and ironically, they still don't.  It is older than Navigtr.


But for those want to learn this, can you guide them a bit.


If I click subscribe, rather than subscribe to RSS will they show up on the little bell at the top and I can follow them that way?


Thanks Bruce



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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

New issue on July rollout version of Nextbox PVR and guide. I said PVR and guide, because I don't know which side of the box software is leading to this one.


Watching a show that is currently being recorded, we decided to watch it live tonight.  When we got to the end of the show, rather than watch the ending ads and go to the very end show, we clicked the stop button.


The three choice options of continue recording, stop recording and save, and stop recording and delete.


We chose stop recording and delete.  We then noticed that the show was still recording, the red light was still on, and in list, it showed as still recording.  We tried again to stop and delete, but it continued to record, so we waited until the end of the show, it stopped recording at the designated end of the show, and we found it in the recently recorded shows.


We then deleted the show from the list.


So this feature is not working properly at this point.  I can't comment on if it is new, it is the first time we have noticed it.  We don't usually set up a show to be recorded then watch it live, and leave it recording.


This is new to me, and I don't recall seeing it before - could the moderators please pass this one on to the programming team, and could users of the old and new box softwares, consider testing this situation and see if you can replicate it.


If on the new box software build, certainly report it on the new thread, but refer back to this one, as I think this is new or unreported.  Hopefully it was either a fluke or is not in the new build.


Just a new issue we found, worked around it, and at this point we are watching TV, so we won't try to replicate it at this time.


And I know the answer is that we can't go back to the old builds on nextbox, but having been on this one for almost 6 months, and I am still finding issues, I remain frustrated. 


I read in the new thread that there are major issues again (it would be interesting and help to develop some confidence for us who have been at this for 5 months or more, if Rogers staff could identify how many new builds have gone out and how many issues have been brought up on the new people.  The data should be available, and it would go a long way to improving my trust and improve communication and to start with a new slate, both on the boards, with the improvements, and communication of remaining issues or new issues.


Good night, and happy viewing,  Bruce

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator



Good question!


If you click subscribe you will receive notifications to the thread via email and it'll also give you a notification beside the bell.



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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@57 wrote:

@shan-man wrote:


I decided to launch Home Edition on my phone to have a look and guess what...drumroll...6 episodes of "Mr. Robot" are still being reported as being on my PVR.


This is typical of "AnyPlace".  It typically takes at least a day for deleted recordings to show up on (disappear from) the App or website Anyplace interface. It's been like this for years.  It's because Anyplace doesn't "sync" with the PVR instantaneously. Deleted recordings will typically be removed in a day or two.


Thanks for the info @57. Indeed after I waited a day the episodes disappeared from AnyPlace. Still surprised that deleting a series of six shows only reduced usage from 10.5% to 10.3%.

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Have nothing better to do so have decided to post another one of my favourite Navigatr issues. Don't think I've seen this one yet and it's a good one.


Watching ROD shows with Fast Forward disabled (which is bad enough). Occasionally the Rewind and Back 5 Second buttons will glitch and take you back to the beginning of the show. You can imagine how frustrating it is when you're 45 mins into a show and, try to back up a few seconds, and you're sent to the beginning...with no way to get back to where you were without sitting for 45 mins again!


This happened tonight and I ended up fighing with my wife about her having the nerve to get up and pee when we have a Navigatr to deal with. We cooled down, I admitted I was sorry to blame her, and we agreed to play on our phones tomorrow while we let the stupid show play in the background until it gets back to our spot.


Thanks for my new life Navigatr.

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator



Given that Navigatr 2016 is just a tiny bit more lipstick on the pig that is Navigatr 2015, I don't think it warrants a new thread. That being said, there's some great people on this thread and once we all get our lucky chance at Navigatr 2016 we'll be more than happy to re-report all the issues that are still broken...Right team?

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@RogersMay  Thank you for that clarification.  This response did come up in my little yellow bell as one new response on this thread, although you also tagged me with my user name BS, so not sure if it was because of the tag, or the thread.  Will have to see over time.  I didn't get an email though and that is ok with me if it doesn't because I would prefer not to have one more piece of correspondence to deal with.  In many ways, I would love to go back to my dial phone, telegraphs, mail, and just go visit people.  I worked in technology this year, and today when we ran into a technical issue over a loyalty card with a restaurant, I wondered if we are beginning to ask too much of technology.  The more we ask, the more complicated it becomes and the greater the chance of failure, and the more it costs too.  There is no cheap route to solid technology.



As you probably have noticed, and others have noticed, I have a very high level of technical knowledge, but unfortunately, I am now retired due to a cognitive disability and learning new things is an incredible challenge, or even keepin my thoughts on task (there in lies the reason why I go off topic now and then, so I appreciate when you and others let me know, but not only will I not know sometimes I am off topic, when I reread it, I may not even realize that it is off topic. Just the way my mixed up brain works.  And sometimes I get overcome by frustration, because to be honest, I have very high standards for quality control and implementation - it was like the analogy of the air traffic controllers.  I worked in the medical information field, and lack of communication and functioning systems can mean live and death issues.  That is why, although much of the health field is electronic now, most of them still have paper filing systems in place, because only very big centres like Sick Kids or Toronto Hospitals, and now family health centres have electronic systems, although it is growing in efficiency every day, but no matter how well it goes, will anyone ever forget the e-health ideas.  Grand ideas that went real bad in so many ways.  Too big, not well sourced, poorly developed contracts and a huge range of things and it is still in courts today.  But I digress.


I have a lot to offer to the forum, I believe, but everyone please bear with me when my thoughts wander and it seems like you can't figure out what I have said.  You should see how I frustrate my wife of 35 years when I wander off topic and become incredibly verbose and repetitious.  She can at least stop me mid sentence and get me back on track.  Unfortunately, when I type, I don't know it is happening.


Thanks for clarifying for me.


As I mentioned earlier, I am goinjg to be away from the forums for a while as I go through some very important therapy that I have been waiting almost 5 years for.  My mind will be busy with retraining my emotional and interactional responses, and hopefully improving the concentration issues.  


My fingers are crossed that most things are taken care of and my rollout will go fairly seemlessly.  To date, I never have been one of the ones to have recordings wiped, and hopefully it will stay that way.  Not that there hasn't been lots of undefined, null recordings, deletes freezing up, the box freezing up, and just when I think I have it all figured out, another comes along like the one I just reported.  


It actually impacts my wife more than me and since I am the "Rogers" guy in the house for dealing with all issues, because I am the "tech guy", while she works with technology far more everyday than I do in a year.  I get to listen, then I hit the phones, chats, or here.  I am hoping that when I come back from my therapy that my head will be clearer, and that the rollout has gone without too many problems.


I will be honest though, although I hope, I do not remain optimistic, but that is a therapy topic.  If anything good has come from the last 6 months, it is that I have had lots of time to discuss my reactions with therapists.  I am lucky to have an outside person to help me with handling frustration. Smiley Happy


All the best everyone.  I will poke in occasionally, and certainly if something comes up, I will probably save it for a few things and either just go to tech support first, then report here what I learned.



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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@shan-man  I can relate perfectly to what you just described.  My wife has put up with all this fairly well, but about once a week, she will be sitting there, while I read, or meditate, or whatever, and since she owns the remote, sets up all recordings, and decides what we will watch (happy wife makes happy life). and suddenly, she is ready to throw the remote at me (like it was my fault, but she won't throw it at the tv - too expensive to repair or to replace, worst for me will be a headache or a bump.  Fortunately, she usually backs off, but I do have to duck sometimes.


Then I ask her do you want me to report it - she is so tired of it all that usually says, no I don't want anything to do with it, yet since her life is so busy with travel and work and weekend activities - the reason why accurate predictable recording is so important for her, plus it gives us common time as we watch a lot of documentaries, late night comedy, and shows of common interest.  We binge for a few hours over it, then come back and to it the next time.


So the outcome is I now have an unhappy life, and as a result, an unhappy life, so then you guys get to hear it too, although I think most of us sympathize with each other because we are all in this together.


Yes, a new life, we actually pay for this one, and we keep waiting, and waiting, and waiting, but I sit and wait for her to say, time to go.  I will happily do the research and get it done, and will take great pleasure talking to retentions and explaining how a 22 year customer, who has only left from Internet once when a network upgrade in our neighbourhood was failing for days and weeks on end (sounds familiar), so we went to bell, only coming back when we moved because there was no bell ADSL internet - this was the days of slow internet anywhere and we actually liked it.  I will take great pleasure if it comes to it, explaining exactly what led to us living, and I am happy for them to talk to my wife, she would have some lovely words to offer.


But we are not there yet,  each frustration is another opportunity for me to work with my therapist on dealing with frustration, and learning how to deal with things that seem to have no answer and to totally out of my control to impact, but he has said, continue to rant and complain, be polite, but always remember, that if you and others back off on your demands, then you have accepted them as is and there will be not turning back, you will just have to move on by living with it, or going elsewhere, or finding alternative entertainment, which would not be a bad idea either.


Hope you don't learn any new issues before you move on to reporting issues on the new thread.  I thought I was done, but low and behold I wasn't. Enjoy playing games on your phones while you wait for it to get back to your set point - this is not new to me, I have been through it on recordings, and on demand.  Have a nice breakfast, lunch, and a good coffee, walk or a drink, forget about it for a while, then hopefully you can come back fresh and get back to your show where you left off.


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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@RogersGabrielle  Reference notifications of threads, found out how to prevent email - see the two attached pictures - they show how you can turn off and prevent any of the notifications from going to email.  You just turn them all off, but your chosen notifications above that section will go to the bell.


I hope I am reading this correct.  I know I have subscribed to threads before, and never have I had emails come to me.


Thanks, Bruce