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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@neilpalmer400 wrote:

Except a Rogers employee posted on this very forum that the Monday update would wipe the 8642's (a factory reset).

Yet another case of Rogers left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.

(Probably both wa**ing).

There would be quite an uproar if they didn't state that, especially when they now know for sure that will happen.  I guess it's like when your Windows is so badly screwed that you have to re-install from scratch, losing all your programs. In the case of Windows, it just could be your own fault, but in this case it's Rogers fault. The end result is the same.


From all I can gather from the latest Navigatr FAQ, it's almost like a new operating system with hundreds of bells and whistles and enhancements. Sadly, it was released before it was perfected or tested. I just hope it's finished and working properly before my SA8300HD gets disabled and I have to upgrade to a Nextbox. That will be the moment of truth deciding whether to stay with cable or cut the cord.



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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@Grneyez_2015 wrote:

My main issue with the new format is the My Recordings section. It was much easier to navigate recordings in list format versus the new box style. I also preferred the old format where scheduled recordings were listed separately.

It would help if there was a way to view scheduled recordings by date. My regular shows are on the same day each week and sometimes multiple shows are scheduled for the same way. If there was a quick way to see that they were indeed all scheduled that would be great. With this new way you have to click on each show and then go to their schedules. Too time consuming...easy to miss something. 


Already mentioned was how to start watching a show that is in progress of being recorded. We used to be able to go to our recordings and click on the show in progress. My current work around is to go to the channel the show is being recorded on and rewind to the beginning. That seems to work but again too onerous.


If they could make some improvements to the new format that would be great.


As I work more with this system, it becomes more and more clear how poorly designed it really is.
Navigatr has all the right building blocks, but its looks slapped together haphazardly,
and rushed out the door,  perhaps to meet some deadline.

e.g The kludged way of swapping to the alpha view from chrono is definitely a last minute hack.
Hit a red button (very easy to pick the wrong one, I keep turning my machine off at this point) 
click down, click sideways to select alphabetic,  then click up, then select to save it for one shot.
It will revert to chrono nex ttime you hit [list]
Basicly, with the current system you just can't easily find if a program is recorded, recording,  or scheduled.  And Rogers wonders why we are unhappy about the new software ?
  One possible and logical fix:
[LIST] to see a chrono list all recording and recorded programs, like we had before July 28.
[LIST] [LIST] (i.e. hit [LIST] twice) to see a chrono list of all scheduled programs, like we had before July 28.
[LIST] [LIST] [LIST] to see the alpha view of all programs and series exactly as it is now, ie. Tile/box format
(though old style list format would be better, IMHO).
This fix would eliminate most of my concerns ! 
Oh yes, while you are at it, please enable the pageup/down keys to move through the lists in addtion to the 4 arrow keys.  (My thumb, has that memorized and refuses to forget it)
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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

As Neil said:

"Another pro-active step would be to offer these customers a chance to go into a Rogers store and get another NextBox, while allowing them to keep their old one for say a month to allow them time to view any recorded programs (maybe charge a refundable deposit to their account to ensure return of the second box).  Then Sunday night they could connect the new Nextbox to the coax and disconnect the old one (and leave it disconnected from the Coax).  They could then take time to view their recordings and then return the old Nextbox."


I actually never knew that I could use the box standalone to playback shows, say when cable connection is down.


That sounds very fair.  Only a few months ago, we were being told that the boxes could now hold more shows, to view at our leisure and mentioned that this is not hoarding, it is just allowing us to watch our shows at our leisure, or something like that.


So for those effected customers (I hope you have got to them all in some manner - not everyone reads this forum, or your other electronic forums - some of them, you will need to get to personally by their email, or by phone - and hopefully they aren't on holidays) to suddenly be told watch all our shows over the next 3-4 days really is an unrealistic expectation. 


From the message earlier from the representative from Rogers on this board:

"We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you and thank you for your continued patience as we work to improve your TV experience."


I am sorry, but verbal apologies don't cut it over time. As a teacher, we used to teach kids that sorry wasn't enough.  You had to take responsibility for what you have done, find some way to make up for it and fix what has happened, commit to never doing it again, and consider a mutually agreeable retribution "compensation" for what happened.  For example, the student beaten up at recess may say that the other student should have to apologize in front of the whole class and do the dirtiest job in the classroom chores for the next week. Something fair, and not unreasonable.  


Rogers has acknowledged what happened, they have agreed to fix it at a high level of inconvience for some, and we still don't know what other concerns still outstanding are going to be dealt with. And it would be nice to hear them say "the inconvenience this may have caused you... " to read, rather than this to; "... that we have caused you through are failed attempt to successfully roll out the upgrade".  I know you have put the explanation above it, but to reiterate responsibility in the statement makes it stronger for me.


As for the topic of compensation discussed by some, there really is no compensation that will rebuild the trust that customers have lost through this whole exercise.  Trust will need to be earned through future successes and no repeats of this mess.   That may come in time, and as for "continued patience", don't thank me for that, you have really pushed most of us to the point where we have no trust left, and no patience. Why else would we be on this board and on the phones and chats so much, other than the reality that our frustration level is very high, and we actually do not have any more patience left anymore. 


You are dealing with human nature here and from my experience with reps and what I have read hear, Rogers staff appear to be losing their patience too, and the people we are talking to are caught in the middle.  Upper management remains silent and "confidential" about making a full explanation and apology to all of us. And as we know the Marketing manager who told us all about this won't take any public responsiblity, or even talk about it, so I hope someone does sooner or later. It would go a long way to rebuilding trust and patience.  Things go wrong, we understand that, but this has been an absolute mess, and unless we get some honest answers, it is hard for me to be able to trust what will happen in the future.  Just human, sorry, but I am not the Dali Lama.


So please "accept our sincerest apologies, if we have lost our patience, are not able to maintain our patience, or have been highly inconvienced by this upgrade, and please show a high level of respect for those poor souls who call in to vent that they have not been able to watch all their shows, or may not even have known that it was going to happen. And definitely consider providing a second box to those who need more time to watch their shows.  This really is not an unreasonable request, since we have been told that there are only a small number effected.



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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@RogersStrick wrote:

Hello Community!


As you are aware, unfortunately we have had some issues with the Navigatr rollout and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused our customers.


In order to correct the issues permanently, a factory restore will be performed automatically on a small number of Nextbox 2.0 set top boxes that have the Navigatr guide. This factory reset will happen automatically on Monday, August 17 early in the morning.  


Unfortunately, this reset is unavoidable and will cause all of your existing settings to be deleted including your PVR recordings and parental controls. Please ensure you watch any existing recordings before this time. You will need to re-enter any of your existing settings such as future PVR recordings and parental controls starting the morning of August 17th.  


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you and thank you for your continued patience as we work to improve your TV experience.


Additional updates will be provided as new information becomes available.





Thank-you for advising the few hundred of us on this board in advance.


I hope you are contacting/calling ALL the affected customers (looking forward to your call).

Wish it could be better news for those thousands with an NB2 in the July 28 disaster zone.


As others stated earlier, the best (only!) thing that Rogers can do now is to offer a loaner from the Rogers store and ask people to disconnect their NB2 from the cable while it figures out how to keep the recordings or until such time the customer no longer needs them.




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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Clarification on two issues: People wondered WHICH NB2's would be wiped AGAIN - I think someone speculated here, or at the Digital forum that it was the NB2's with larger hard drives that had the problem - so I guess is that the ones that do not have the 160gb hard drives?

And for those who want to watch the programs on their NB2's before they are ERASED AGAIN - if you can't get this done Monday the 17th, you should be able to continue to watch programs on Monday if you unplug the COAXIAL CABLE on Sunday (before the update), but DO KEEP THE BOX PLUGGED INTO THE POWER OUTLET.

I just wanted to clarify that I believe you should be able to continue to use the box (at least for some time) without it being plugged into the coax cable - but if you unplug the power cord, then the box will need to connect with coax to reboot - and if you do that after the "fix" on Monday the 17th, the new fix may erase all your programs (if your box is one of the ones effected.)


And - of course - if you disconect the coaxial cable - you won't get any new programs recorded on your box if you have scheduled programs to be recorded after you disconnect the coax cable.  (This may be obvious - but I just wanted to spell it out so it was very clear.)



Which brings up the question - Is Rogers going to call and/or e-mail everybody who is going to have their box erased?

If not, I can picture somebody who had all their scheduled programs erased, and existing programs erased and favorites erased AGAIN - well I can picture that person walking into Rogers head office with their Garburator PVR and hitting upper management staff in the head with it until they feel satisfaction.

What? Too much?



Update:  On the Digital Home Rogers Forum someone in Mississauga stated they got a robocall Wednesday to inform them about the Aug 17 'update' that will erase some NB2 PVR's.

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I just realized - for those of us who were in the first roll-out area, we became the "real" beta-testers, and those of us on the board have provided many examples of solutions and suggestions for change. Hopefully all our hard work to guide Rogers programmers on where to go next will make the life of the next batch even better.

I note there is no comment on what the next stage of roll-out will be after they deal with the NB2's, and what impact that will have on the NB3's. I hope they have a handle on this, so the next roll-out doesn't result in a whole new batch of users who have NB3 who are confronted by the issues we have communicated.

I will wait and see. Here's hoping it flows ok.
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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Found a new "bug".  Someone buy me some Raid.  


Go to Guide

Push the red C button to filter channels

Choose Subscribed channels

If you want to view ALL channels again, it remains on Subscribed channels only. No change occurs.


Turning the box off doesn't change it, but I do recall that when the last upgrade got pushed down I think last week, it reset to All channels, and I had to reset it.  Not sure on that, but for now, you can't get back to View ALL channels.


I was looking at this because a poster on Rogers Facebook page had indicated that unsubscribed channels were no longer greyed out, making it difficult for her to skip them.  I advised her of the steps for filtering channels, but advised her that if she wants to see a unscribed channel listing, say to see what offerings are listed in the guide, the current choice of All channels will not change the view.


Filtering for Music, Favourites, Subscribed, PPV all work properly though.


I am guessing that since there is a choice for subscribed, that ALL channels would show unsubscribed too.


Add it to the list of issues to be dealt with please.



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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Found a feature by accident - I had turned off the banner because I really did not want it. It is slow to load and delays the load of the station. 


If you click the left button, it brings up the banner for a one time use which is what I would like to have available.

(almost like a little easter egg programmed into the box and interfacing with the remote - absolutely no way I would have figured that one out, except by accident as I just did).


Info button brings up information and allows you to record this program, record series, and the more which gives you other options like reminders, watch this channel now, set as favourite, block channel, turn CC on (so that is where it is hiding!), and Audio function, which I don't know what use it is, it has cancel and English there.


Pushing guide twice now gives you full guide, then favourites as before, but pushing it again, as we did before no longer makes it go away, you have to go to exit to remove the guide.


I have gone back to testing and figuring out just what this version can and can't do, and finding things that you would never find on screen, you could only get it by accident.  Will try pushing different buttons while I am on channels and see what happens.  Surprises all around, although the left arrow is one I like.  I have also turned off all recommendations in the settings function.


If I learn more, I will post it.

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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Another tip - clarification -


If you bring up info banner from info button, it starts in the menu option with record, series, and more.  If you use the right arrow, it does nothing, but if you are in the more menu, you now have More like this added below the info, and now using the right key will take you over to the More Like This section, and continue with right arrow and you move through one row, then back to the more menu.


There is a serious need at some point for someone at the quality level of review of programs to take at getting consistency in the use of the buttons, of guide, exit, info, menu, settings, and the arror keys, and ok select buttons and the a, b, c, options so that users don't have to remember what works in which screens and what doesn't work in which screens, unless there is clear visual promots to guide us.


Oh yeh, for the first time as I looked up I saw the A key there for search, while the * key, still brings you to search in most screens. A and * both bring up search, while * in On Demand works, but the A does not. 


First time I have actually used the search, but it is very slow to go into the show, almost ordered a show by accident (fortunately, it needs my code to proceed), because I pushed the ok button three times thinking it was not working. Just slow moving through it.


When I did a search for Who Do You Think You are, it doesn't return that there is a showing of it on the 16th, 3 days for now, and the list showed the wrong show information for the sixteenth.


Lots of issues there.


Done for tonight.



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Re: New Nextbox Navigator

One last question - what is reminders - I never really used it on the last version.  What does it do, I know how to set it, but don't know what it does, nor how to find them.


Just wondering.