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I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 40

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@lensman wrote:

Jack22 wrote - 'Does anyone out there have updated info as to when Rogers will be addressing the thousands of complaints about the new Nextbox Navigator?

Is anyone from Rogers actually reading our posts?

How long will we have to fool around with a service that we are paying dearly for until a fix happens?

I think its time they sent out a Bulk e-mail to all of their subscribers to talk about this disaster!!!'


How about a weekly discount from Rogers - until fixed - for every poor schmuck that has had this "new and improved" UI jammed down their throats?! What do you think - should I hold my breath waiting?



I don't think we can rely on Rogers reading these posts, but it is my hope that they are.  I have also contacted Rogers directly using their "Share A Concern" page, and I am waiting for a response (I filled out the concern on Saturday, so I anticipate a response on Tuesday, after the long weekend).  I think everyone here should contact Rogers directly, to be fair.


I'm not sure about the weekly discount.  My big bone of contention is that our Nextbox is a real physical asset that my wife and I own (we paid for it in full, purchasing it from Rogers).  Rogers sneaked into our home in the middle of the night (metaphorically speaking) and damaged our device (functionally speaking) .  Our actual perception of this is that Rogers has damaged something we own.  They may have have intended to make it better, but they did not.  Now, as the owners of this item, all we want, the only thing we want, is for them to fix it.  Consider it a warranty repair.  We want our asset returned to the state it was, before it was functionally damaged.  We will again be satisfied customers, if and when they do this.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
Posts: 14,071

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Please dont take this as DEFENDING rogers.
I agree that they need to 100% adress and fix many of the issues with the new software.

Just wanted to mention.. about the reps you see on the forums here.  They are just social reps.. they have some account access, etc.. but generally are just front end people.
They are NOT the people who make the decisions on these things, etc.

They can really only pass on the information that people post here..

Same goes for posting other things... unelss they are GIVEN information from above, etc.. they may not have much else to post/say... other than 'Sorry' sort of thing.

Again, i am not posting this to Defend Rogers as a whole.
Feel free to be completely angry at ROGERS.  But try not to take it out DIRECTLY on the reps here, on the phone, etc.
They are people too.. and its not THEIR fault that the thing is screwed up.

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 19

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

11) when deciding to delete a program i am watching, going into the folder auto highlights the most recent episode NOT the one being watched Deleted two episodes in error before realizing this glitch

12) the folders re-order themselves evey time i make a change If you are watching shows in the "first folder " and delete one, the system re-orders the folders to put the folder with the most recent show to the far left. Your folder might now be three over. Annoying ang confusing.

I'm a Trusted Contributor
Posts: 304

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

@Gdkitty wrote:

Please dont take this as DEFENDING rogers.
I agree that they need to 100% adress and fix many of the issues with the new software.

Just wanted to mention.. about the reps you see on the forums here.  They are just social reps.. they have some account access, etc.. but generally are just front end people.
They are NOT the people who make the decisions on these things, etc.

They can really only pass on the information that people post here..

Same goes for posting other things... unelss they are GIVEN information from above, etc.. they may not have much else to post/say... other than 'Sorry' sort of thing.

Again, i am not posting this to Defend Rogers as a whole.
Feel free to be completely angry at ROGERS.  But try not to take it out DIRECTLY on the reps here, on the phone, etc.
They are people too.. and its not THEIR fault that the thing is screwed up.


Gdkitty "I agree that they need to 100% adress and fix many of the issues with the new software."


Shouldn't that be ALL the issues with the new software, or is it just that you don't believe in miracles ?  Smiley Frustrated



I agree with not taking it out on the reps here or on the phone (or in the Rogers stores).

They had no say in this.  If you do feel the urge to let loose when you call in, ask to speak to a supervisor first - at least they get paid more than front line reps so they're "paid to take it" more.


Where the real responsibility lays is with senior management, from whom we have heard absolutely nothing.

Ron Perrotta, Senior Vice President, Residential Services is the one whose name appears on the bottom of the mailer Rogers sent a week ago promoting this "new guide that will help you search for the shows and movies you love easier, and get you to amazing TV you want even faster". 

Really Ron ?  How about showing some intestinal fortitude and speaking up on Navigatr?  Take some personal responsibility and apologize.  You are the one who has publically associated your name with this disaster, therefore you are the one who must take ultimate responsibility for this.  Whether or not it was your intention, it appears your career at Rogers rests on the actions you now take to get yourself and your company out of the extremely deep hole you have dug yourself into.   The buck stops at your desk.



I'm Here A Lot
Posts: 5

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

So after a week of no cable to my nextbox, we had a major power failure Sunday night and lo and behold the new Navigator showed up Monday morning.  I have interface!!  Now I can see everyones concerns with this guide and functionality.  It stinks! 

I'm an Enthusiast
Posts: 309

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Glad to see I'm not the only one who hates the new guide. It must have been designed by a complete moron or a Rogers tech wasted out of his mind. I can't see anything about the new Navigatr that is an improvement over the old. I've already accidentally deleted three shows for instance. What was the point? Was it a New Coke thing? I had something I could actually navigate, then I switch on my machines and find they've changed it all and it's incredibly worse. Oh. Then there was the whole outage thing this morning. No TV. No Internet. We'd better be getting a credit for that little mess.


My gut feeling is this community was set up as a place for irate Rogers customers to come and vent. No one at the Home Office reads this stuff. They just keep sending out these ridiculous surveys every few days to make us think our opinions matter.

I'm Here A Lot
Posts: 7

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Is the blank Settings menu just a NB2 problem or are NB3 users missing it as well? When I called tech support on Wednesday, to ask how to turn of Descriptive Video, he told me they don't use the Settings menu anymore. Then proceeded to tell me that DVS could be turned off by hitting the on-off button at the bottom of the remote (which turns on/off Picture-in-Picture). But according to the updated How-To guides, you turn it off through the normal Settings menu.
Retired Moderator RogersHassam
Retired Moderator
Posts: 571

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

Hello Community!


We apologize for not sharing more information on the measures that will be taken with regards to Navigatr. We will update the community as soon as we get any information or update. Our teams are still working around the clock for a fix. At this moment, we can assure you that further deployment of Navigatr has been delayed until further notice.  


Thank you for your continued patience.



I'm a Senior Advisor
Posts: 2,153

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

I have a suggestion that I made to my wife as she ran into many of her Facebook friends talking about this whole issue and ranting away, as we have. I said it is time to start phoning tech support, tell them each step that you can't figure out how to do, and have them walk you through it one step at a time. Then get them to repeat it again, and do it again, and write down the steps. Then ask them the question, does this seem logical to you.  If you are unsatisfied, since everyone here has voiced a concern a number of times at this level, then move to a supervisor and then run them through telling you how to do it.  Since you probably will still not be satisfied, write down all of your concerns in point form, either send it as a complaint via the myrogers site, or ask that you want a call back from the president's office. Get that person to sit in front of a box and walk them through what you can no longer. Have them go through the step by step illogical processes that we are being asked to go through and ask their opinion.


This will push our concerns up through the decision tree.


When I have had time to clear my head over 5 issues in 5 weeks that I have had to deal with Cable, Billing, Late billing, identification of One number issues and working them through, and finally, unfortunately a lost phone, then having reps try to convince us to save on the replacement phone, but it requires a change of plan.  Nope, nope, nope, we will buy the phone outright, no term, and we keep our current grandfathered plan.


When my head is clear, I will be pushing my issues up along with my general frustration, and anger, as one person put is sometimes edited out of this forum, and make sure that customer service, managers, and if necessary office of the president has heard it all.  I am not actually asking for much - a timely bill, a demostration that Rogers can roll out change like a new billing web site and Navigatr without it being so full of bugs and well tested so that consuumers will actually walk away happy, not frustrated, and for them to stop trying at every opportunity to try to get me off my grandfathered plans by giving incentives, that ultimate end up costing more over the life of my plans in the future, then just buying new phones outright.  As a 22 year customer, I think I have the right to vent to the highest levels. Or even to the ombudsman, who did make it clear in her presentation, that we need to work through the various levels of customer service, demonstrate how they have not satisfied us, and continue to follow the escalation process.  And remember, that you can also go to the CRTC telecom committee (sorry don't remember the name of the arbitration group that covers the whole industry).


To conclude with an interesting thing I found with Navigator.

I have always liked the fact that I could get easy information on the shows that I am watching, including On Demand by just clicking the info key. In addition, it was always nice to be able to easily see the time on the screen which showed on the progress bar at the bottom of the screen, or with the information.


Steps to find the time - only one way you can do that, go to the guide, it is the upper top corner. Yes, you can see it on the box, but the blue coloured numbers are very hard to read - blue on black is not a good choice. In addition, the blue also is very bright and disrupts night vision, unlike red that does not. That is why airline instruments, and most car instruments are in red, not blue, or green.


Steps to find information from an on demand show - currently watching humans on AMC - very easy navigation model with lists to follow by the way. When I select the show at the beginning and go to play, I get the whole description, run time and for how long it will be available and price - free in my case.


I play the show, the new progress bar is on the bottom, I don't know what time of day it is as it only includes remaining time information.  


Now, someone comes in and asks me, so what is the plot of this show. In the past, I would click info. It nows does nothing. I clicked menu to see what that would do. Gives me that menu of guide my recordings, rogers on demand and apps and settings and search.


Guide, Hey, I can see the time, and I can even guess see a line moving across the times of shows I am not watching. I see the menu starting at channell one.  Still no way to get to the information to the Humans show I am watching on demand.


So here is what you have to do to see information.

1. pause, will bring up title humans 103 HD (I thought I was on demand, but guess that is where the show came from) - no information still.

2. Push stop, bypass the options of resume playing, play from the start, and push CANCEL.

This will bring you back to the listing of shows, and you can now see the full episode 103 description of the show.

3. Now select the show you were already watching, and press resume playing.


All that to get information on the show that you were watching on demand. I do recall in the past, I just pushed info.  Why disable the info button for on demand and I think SHOMI too.


So I challenge anyone to convince me that this is easier, faster, and something that is not completely awkward to do.  Yes, I found a way to see information, but let's get serious here. 


There are many things that I really do like about the new model - the quick and easy way to set up recordings, the menu, I haven't decided fully on the search function yet because I really don't use it much anyway.  The star key while in on demand will search on demand by the way. And interestingly, if you are looking for new movies, you can switch views from this fancy tiled view to a list view. This means I can quickly work through the titles with information below, and not have to slowly flick through tile/picture of a moview, one by one.  Reminds me of Netflix who has a similiar menu design of pcitures of movies, and in their case, you can work through 99 of them. I don't like it either, because it is just so slow, and you have to deal with the delay of screen refresh to put all that graphic material and layout information each time you change to page.


So to summarize, almost impossible to easily know what time it is from the screen of the tv anymore, and what time your on demand movie or show will end - have to figure out the current time, add on the time remaining, and now you have the estimated end time. And, the fact that you cannot get information on an ondemand playback. By the way, just realized as I played a bit more that if you click info on a tvshow you watching a recorded movie, if you click info, it actually kicks you right out of the show back to the original choice screen, you now have the information, but make sure you hit exit to return. If you click watch, it will take you back to the start of the recording.  I would try to right out all of this and do screen shots, but you would have to put in warnings too - Do not click play from information screen, click escape, or you will start your show all over again.


On live tv, I do like the information provided at the bottom of the screen, I can still watch my show, and it has the thing I do like - the ability to record the show, set up a series on it, and by pressing more, you now can set a reminder, go back to watching this channel now, if you had decided to use the info menu to move and see what else is on (nice feature too), set as a fvourite, block the channel, change your video output, turn on/off cc and audio selection. By the way, video aspect is still available from remote when watching the tv show.


So just to say, there are lots of things I like, but there are lots of things that are (from my perspective - and as you can see, very time consuming effort to figure out how to do what I need to do) poorly designed, not easy, not quick, and not better (that is the slogan for this roll out isn't it).


Enough said, Next person.  As I said, once I get my head clear for a day or two - it is still spinning from all of this - I will begin the escalation process, and at least get my opinion of this into the official complaint record, and on my own documentation too. I am not looking for anything to resolve it, except first to confirm that this change does appear to be poorly done, with many good things, but many poor things, and that as a customer, my trust in Rogers to do it right first is being lost with the experience of one number (you have had 2 years notice of this issue coming), the new billing online (most fixed with the support of many customers to figure it out for them - remember the allow popups, clear your cache, give permission for an app to run, only to find out - hey, it only works at less than 100%), to the significantly delayed bill creation, to email notifications for your new bill not coming, to waiting for details to come still, now the Navigator, it appears to me anyway, that Rogers is rolling things out way to fast with poor communication and testing, setting themselves and customers up for great frustration.  


So I feel responsible that I need to talk personally to people in authority that this is not the way to treat customers.


Good luck everybody - I can now use my recordings and the box (with all the many things that are just silly and the things that I really love), I have my bills, there are some things still to be resolved, which I trust will get resolved, but I have spent way too much time on this already, but have had no choice because I had to figure it all out and felt that the forum community could benefit from much that I have learned. 



I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 51

Re: New Nextbox Navigator

So well said BS. I think we all should follow your instructions. I too have been a customer over twenty years and find this whole thing deplorable. At least further roll outs have stopped. And thank you for telling me how to use exit instead of watch so as not to start the whole recording again from the start. It also works if you use stop before going to the info so then the resume option appears.

Come on people if we all do as BS suggests maybe we can get somewhere
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