My box turns off every couple of hours.

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My box turns off every couple of hours.

This has been happening for a couple of months. Have tried everything-new box, new remote, plug in another outlet, repairman. It reboots itself in about 5 minutes. Only affects the secondary box. Primary box with PVR works fine. Any suggestions?


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Re: My box turns off every couple of hours.

@ngmcphee : The fact that this happens with a new box indicates an external problem.  It could be signal- related. Give Rogers a call and have them check the signal at that specific box.  Here's a post on that topic, along with a link for checking the signal yourself.


Another, more likely possibility is poor power at the box.  Although you tried a different outlet, that outlet may have been on the same electrical circuit.  Try plugging the box into a different circuit - you can check by turning off circuit breakers.  There may be something in the home that uses a lot of power on startup, which can drop the voltage on a particular circuit - microwave, washing machine, refrigerator, freezer, hair drier, heater, A/C, etc.  This is often an issue in older homes with undersized electrical panels, etc.


Can you temporarily swap the two boxes? If the issue follows the box, the box is likely the problem. If the issue stays with the location, then that electrical circuit or signal is the problem.