Multiple NextBox 3.0 PVRs in one home

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Re: Multiple NextBox 3.0 PVRs in one home

Hello @QueJoder,

Just seeing your updates now.  To answer your questions:


>> How come scenario 1 allows PVR 1 and 2 AND HD BOX all work together (viewing it from the perspective from HD Box) and with a better Box  e.g PVR  3 it is not possible?


Rogers technical support and multiple technicians have confirmed that more than 2 PVRs are not supported ( may work for you).  I do not know why additional HD boxes are supported, but additional PVRs (beyond 2) are not - this is a question for Rogers.


>> So other than not having independent storage with an HD and not being able to pause stop and rewind I would be better off to stay as i am with HD box instead of the 3rd PVR.


The PVR provides the ability to record (multiple) programs at once for later viewing - the HD box allows viewing of live TV & recorded programs from PVRs.  Would you be 'better off' with 2 PVRs and 1 HD box? I don't know.  Personally: I would keep 2 PVRs and use HD terminals on the other TVs.


>> I do appreciate the value of your scenario 2 having independent control and storage over PVR 3, but there is a high cost to pay by losing the interaction with PVRs 1 and 2.


I agree.

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Re: Multiple NextBox 3.0 PVRs in one home

Hello @QueJoder,

I am glad you were able to speak with level 1 & 2 technical support to get some answers.  My comments:


>> You have to designate one of them as the main PVR. All recordings will be stored in the Main until the storage capacity is full, then it will start recording on storage of disk of the PVR 2. And that is the bottleneck. PVRs 3 and more will not record.


A PVR can be "named" (Settings > System > Box Name).  This is a name only - it does not determine where recordings will be stored (recordings are stored on the PVR they were scheduled from).


PVRs can "see" each other, but recorded programs do not automatically start using disk on another PVR if the primary becomes full.  By default, the oldest recorded program is deleted instead.


>> PVRs do not allow for user to determine should user wanted to record certain shows on PVR 2. It goes to "main" PVR by default.


This is untrue - see my previous comment.  Programs are recorded on the PVR they were scheduled from.


Example: When unplugging my PVR 2, I can no longer view "WWE Monday Night RAW" using PVR 1.  This makes sense - "RAW" records on PVR 2.


Example 2: When unplugging my PVR 1, I can no longer view "WWE Main Event" using PVR 2.  This makes sense - "Main Event" records on PVR 1.


>> BUT and this is BIG BUT for me -at least- it has the capability of ordering recordings to PVR 3 and keeping them for as long as needed.


Not sure what you mean here. In my setup:


--PVR 1, PVR 2 on "Whole Home" network.

--PVR 3 isolated, no access to "Whole Home" network.


With this configuration, PVR 1+PVR 2 cannot see PVR 3 (and vice-versa).  This means:

--PVR 1+PVR 2 cannot view or see recordings from PVR 3 (and vice-versa).

--PVR 1+PVR 2 cannot schedule recordings to PVR 3 (and vice-versa).


>> All this  "in theory", next month when i replace my HD Box for the 3rd PVR what I like to call the "acid Test" or the "moment of truth" will arrive. At that point I will post the "real life" outcome of how it ends up functioning.


As described in my previous post, I was running the "3 PVRs on one Whole Home Network" configuration for 1 - 1.5 years and experienced random hangs, crashing and corrupted recordings across all three PVRs.  After repeated escalations with Rogers technical support & consolidaed customer care, I was issued a large hardware credit and told about the 2 PVR, 8 HD terminal limitation on the Whole Home Network.


I do hope things work out for you -  please let us know when everything is set up! (Apologies for the long replies; I want to ensure you get the right information before investing in new hardware).


@Meowmix, @OLDYELLR, @57 & @CommunityHelps - would like getting your "take" on this.

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Re: Multiple NextBox 3.0 PVRs in one home

Sounds good, but my experience is limited to the SA8300 and SA8300HD, not comatible with the Whole Home setup.

Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario
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Re: Multiple NextBox 3.0 PVRs in one home

Just as an FYI, here's what I do.  I do not run WHPVR for several reasons including:


- It's slower than running independent boxes.

- I don't necessarily know which PVR my recordings are on.

- I simply have not heard great things about it, when compared to an IPTV (Bell Fibe) system where everything typically functions properly.


What do I have? 


1. I have an SA8300HD which is over 12 years old, has had the iHDD replaced a couple of times and is now mostly "sitting" as a repository for "archived" recordings.  It's in my main home theatre room and only gets used if I wish to view one of the archived recordings, or to record a new programme that I wish to archive.  Since it doesn't get used much, I'm hoping that it continues to operate for a long while.  The archives are mostly music videos that I enjoy watching on occasion. There are also several older "historical" programmes.  Now that I have access to YouTube via a new TV, I can see music videos there, however, only about 5% of YouTube music videos have CC, which I find useful on occasion.


2. Just over 3 years ago I purchased a new 9865 from Future Shop and it is used in my main home theatre.  My wife and I usually watch most programming together, in the evening.


3. I had another SA8300 upstairs where my wife likes to watch TV, however, it failed last year and I replaced it with a used 9865, which works fine.  If there is a programme that my wife enjoys but I would not, then I record it there, however, that doesn't happen much because we tend to watch together in the main home theatre. This enriches both our lives.  There are occasional programmes, like motor racing, that I typically watch by myself, but that's either done in the morning, or after my wife goes to bed, or when she's reading.


4. I have a STB that I use to listen to StingRay music in our living room, where there is no TV.


5. I usually programme the PVRs via AnyPlace (Web) or RAPTV (iPad app).


I can understand why someone would want WHPVR, however, there can be advantages to having one (or two?) PVRs outside of WHPVR.



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Re: Multiple NextBox 3.0 PVRs in one home

to robindp and 57


Thank you for your posts.

I have just lost a post that took me half an hour to compose with my new thoughts and reactions to yours,


Still lamenting for my loss now, so I will regroup and write back again at a later time.


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Re: Multiple NextBox 3.0 PVRs in one home

Most posts are auto-saved every minute or so. Check your profile to see if it's there, if you didn't modify and delete it with your last post.

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Re: Multiple NextBox 3.0 PVRs in one home

unfortunately nothing in profile. Screen must have frozen without me realizing and before it saved into profile.


Nothing new for Me, I am frequently attacked by Murphy's Law axiom,  "If there are two or more ways to do something, and one of those ways can result in a catastrophe, then someone will do it." or the shorter and more rotund version:  "If something may go wrong, it will".

But thank you 57 for the reminder.


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Re: Multiple NextBox 3.0 PVRs in one home

Time has come to report back on this issue.

This is a very preliminary report as i swapped my HD Box for a third HD PVR just Today.

I connected the third Nextbox 3.0 HD PVR at it worked immediately. AND it is working directly as PVR 3 on a WHPVR system.

It sees all what had been recorded on PVRs 1 and 2. PVR 3 lets me to view and play all recorded shows. Also allows me to record a swhow from PVR 3 and shows listed on the "list" showing under the Rogers Remote Control green button.


Once again I had prepared a long report but i lost it a minute ago without knowing how or why.

Have lots of comments left about storage space behaviour and management. What is possible and what is not but that will be matter for a future post.

On first appearance 3 PVRs seem to work together under Whole Home TV conditions.

I would gladly answer your potential questions on what I am seeing happening in my situation.



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Re: Multiple NextBox 3.0 PVRs in one home

If you're typing a long response in a post and you take a while to compose it, the forum software will eventually give you an authentication failure when you try to post the response and you will lose everything 😞  If this is what happened, when you're done composing the post or private message, copy everything and then dump it into notepad or other word processor.  Then try to post it.  If it posts, hurrah.  If not and you lose everything, you have a backup copy that you can paste into another post.  


You can also compose the post in a word processor application and then copy and paste it into a post.  


The only kicker, in both cases, is that when you paste in the text into a post, the forum software will remove the double space between sentences, and remove line spaces that you might have put in between paragraphs.  So, you have to paste in the text and then go thru everything, replacing spaces and carriage returns that have been removed.  Lets see, computers were invented to make work easier, right?  Doesn't seem so with the forum software 😞

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Re: Multiple NextBox 3.0 PVRs in one home

I could not have said it any better than what you did. I would only add a few epithets of my own to depict what I think of the forums' software failures.

Regarding the lost contents I will now try to reproduce some of it.
All 3 PVR show recordings in storage.
PVR 3 runs all the functions that PVR 1 and 2 offer. Including all what Rogers call "tricks"
The technician I consulted yesterday confirmed to me that PVR 3 will store all what ia ordered to be recorded from PVR 3 (it still remains to be seen if in fact it does it in real life),
I am also told that in terms of managing recorded shows, if and when a storage disk is coming close to be filled up there is an on screen notice prompting the user to make room for future scheduled shows. Failing which it automatically proceeds to erase the oldest recorded show so we better watch for notifications from the software or be mindful of the space used up on the storage disk/s
I am also told that it is possible to swap back and forth from WHPVR code to Independent PVR code setting (not in WHPVR) which is done over the phone with no technician visit to the home required for this. This is what I am presently testing to make sure all of thuis is true for real.
I will keep it as it is 3 PVRs working in WHPVR mode, UNLESS I cannot control which show gets recorded and storaged on a particular disk. If that would not be the case o would change the code and make my PVR 3 run ondependently on its own so I would have total control oover it while leaving PVR 1 and PVR 2 working on the WHPVR Mode.
So here it is my contribution