Motorola DCX3510-M PVR on Rogers

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Re: Motorola DCX3510-M PVR on Rogers

@PixelHD wrote:

I was not renting. My PVR was purchased at FutureShop. No scratches on the front display or anywhere on the unit. I take care of all my A/V extremely well. What really bothers me is the lady on the phone said I will be getting a BRAND NEW unit that is an UPGRADE and is better than what I have now. I don't see any of those things.

Yes I get HD channels (200+ range) but the lower channels are SD and get stretched. The guide also gets stretched on the lower channel and looks like something from 10 years ago. Horrible.

First of all, I do think it's shoddy of Rogers to give you a used box when they promised a new one, but maybe they don't have new ones and should not have made that promise.


As for stretched HD pictures, that looks like a setup problem. I had that when I got a refurbished SA8300HD and presumed it was plug-and-play. Eventually I found instructions on-line how to enter the video set up using the buttons on the front of the unit. I'm not familiar with that Motorola box, but maybe you can find something on-line. (Or hope to get help from Rogers).

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Re: Motorola DCX3510-M PVR on Rogers

Rogers should of fully completed the upgrade in my area to support the HD guide. Up until yesterday I was receiving the full HD guide and happy with the service. They should of left it like that. I'm moving backwards in terms of service/equipment and paying the same as other Rogers customers that have access to better equipment. Something is not right here.

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Re: Motorola DCX3510-M PVR on Rogers

Without having an east coast person here.. its hard to say for sure.. but likely all of them are in the same boat.. same hardware/guide..
(east coast, is locked into the moterola.. they cant use cisco out there.. for SOME reason).


Your area, from before shaw, is using generally the same.  The back ends, for that area.. are likely DIFFERENT.  There needs to be a cisco back end for that area, to support the newer cisco boxes.
When/until they facilitate that change... unfortunately your stuck in the transition Smiley Sad

Maybe time to look at alternatives?

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Re: Motorola DCX3510-M PVR on Rogers

Rogers PVR is still being used, at least by me after 3 years and only now having issues with watching live TV to rewind or Fast Forward.So downloade a PDF manual to no avail as nothing in trouble shooting.It be better to get a new box but if you paid for that one shame you cannot reuse.Perhaps not supporting is their way of making more money of you.Good Luck.