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Re: Missing recordings

Lost saved programs


A while ago Rogers updated the menu and software on my 8642HD PVR.  Now I have lost all my recorded shows.   The PVR states there are no recorded programs.  This has happened before.   How can I retrieve my programs?   How can I save my programs so I don't lose them in the future?

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Resident Expert
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Re: Missing recordings

@GaryT :


Sometimes when there is a new firmware update that has not been properly tested, you can lose your recordings.  I'm assuming that you were previously on SARA firmware and have been switched to Navigatr.  The only thing you can do is use the "save until I erase" option when setting your recordings.  There is nothing you can do about this.


The Navigatr firmware is slow on the 8642 PVR - see other 8642 threads where this is discussed in detail.  You cannot revert to SARA.  A reboot can sometimes speed things up and a recent firmware update (also discussed in this TV forum) should speed up the 8642 a bit.  Check your Settings - Scroll up one to Troubleshooting, see "about" to see if you have the latest firmware.



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Re: Missing recordings

PVR recording restricted?


I attempted to record the North South Korean leaders on CNN and it seems the recording went missing? Just a glitch?

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Re: Missing recordings

Good morning @RedBerry11!


Ah, it would be disappointing to miss such a historic event! I am sorry it didn't record.


Did you check your storage space? Most often I find that when a recording is missing for me, it's because I let my storage space run out. Alternatively, did you have multiple recordings going at once? Depending upon the PVR model you have, you can only run so many simultaneous recordings.


Please let us know so we can help you avoid missed recordings in the future 🙂