Missing Channels above 26 with Digital Adaptor??

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Re: Missing Channels above 26 with Digital Adaptor??

Question for those who only have the DTA-50 and do receive all the channels (including 27-58).

So it's no longer worthwhile for me to keep this plan if I get the same amount of channels or even less channels than I would receive with Digital Lite.

OLDYELLR - lol to the squeezing blood from a stone comment. I'm on the phone now, on hold, let's see if they can help me.

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Missing Channels above 26 with Digital Adaptor??

It took me a better part of the morning and two hours into the afternoon of speaking to various CSRs, I finally spoke to Joe who set everything right for me...

I ended up paying a little more, but I'm very happy with the arrangement that was made. Thank you Rogers Employee Joe with the Persian accent. You were very accommodating.
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Re: Missing Channels above 26 with Digital Adaptor??

We have  adapters  for 4 tvs. We have a box for one more TV.   We are losing stations regularly on the TV's with the adapters.  In fact, 2 of the TV's indicate that there is a service interruption and we get nothing.!!!  Today we lost ch32.Ch13 and Ch43 disappeared as well.

Spoke to your office, told me that in order to get stations we will be REQUIRED to rent a box for each TV  for $5.99/month.

So along with the box, we will have to hire an electrician to put more plugs in as every one requires to be plugged in.  And everything requires to be plugged in or the chargers for the appliance needs to be charged ! 


It's becoming very frustrating.  I have been a customer since 1973.  Seems most of your staff are more interested in pushing product than they are in giving good service.  


Never get any perks... we bought a home monitoring system .. were told when we bought it we would be offered other products to purchase.. we would get special monthly deals.. never happened.. WE have since had to rent a new system because our $350 purchased system was out of date.   


Our modem was hacked recently.. messed up my computer.. my keyboard got changed to a different function..to the green keys.. When I spoke to the fellow in Tech Experts, he insisted I had a virus in my computer.. shut me down overnight so he could fix it.. It was not fixed.. told me that I would most probably need a new computer due to the  hacking.  I kept asking him if he could tell me what function key and how to use the function key because I was sure it was just a matter of changing function.  A friend of mine used F11 and F12 keys to fix my "unfixable" computer.  

Any suggestions?!?!?




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Re: Missing Channels above 26 with Digital Adaptor??

Hello @cherbert2666


Thank you for you post and welcome to the Forums !


I can certainly understand the inconveniences of not having the ability to view your TV channels.


I’d like to help in getting your issue resolved. Addressing the issue you’ve described involves accessing your account. I’m going to send you a private message from @CommunityHelps, when you receive it please check our messages via the envelope icon which appears in the top right hand side of your screen when you are logged into the forums.


For the internet portion, this might be something one of our Resident Experts @Datalink or @Gdkitty might be able to assist with.





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Re: Missing Channels above 26 with Digital Adaptor??

That you are having issues with the tvs in that way, with the service interruption, likely means that there is a signal issue within the house. Could be as simple as a splitter going bad.
If you request a tech out they should be able to check and replace as appropriate

As for the computer. It really doesn't seem like a hack. (And it's not the modem hacked, it would be your PC, could happen no matter what internet your on)
Seems more like from the solution your friend found, it just switched to another language or keyboard in the software.