Manage PVR on Web is BROKEN

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Manage PVR on Web is BROKEN

Well this is very interesting.   Glossing over the clumsy (premature?) promotion of a new web site...  this did prompt me to check the stats on desktop browser usage by product.


Imagine my surprise to learn that sepending on the source, Chrome is 40% - 55% of usage.  I'm not clear whether desktops includes or excludes laptops but I find that very surprising for desktops (with the large corporate installed base). Just goes to show how out of touch I am.   And Firefox is around 10% - I'd have guessed those figures reversed for desktops.   I'd expect Chrome to lead on laptops where lightness is important. 

So if those numbers are correct, prioritising Chrome may not be as daft as I had thought.


That does not excuse the fumbled roll out with disconnection of the old URL and lack of support for all other browsers (i.e. About half of all users).  

I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Manage PVR on Web is BROKEN

I'm also shocked at how high Chrome's market share is.  When too many people abandoned IE, it seemed Firefox shot right up there.  I'm dismissing  the Apple/Mac browsers because that's a totally different universe for folks with a lot of money.  The Google came up with Chrome and flooded the Internet. Seems every other app you download has Chrome in there that you have to catch and deliberately uncheck. It's like a virus.


Here is the browser market share now:




Chrome about 60%, Firefox 16%,  IE & Edge 16%, Others 8.4%.


Firefox is second, yet Rogers chooses to support only Chrome and the others, ignoring Firefox. Is there a conspiracy? Is Firefox owned by Trump? Smiley Mad


Anyway, I called Rogers and the agent got the same results we're getting, the only excuse being that they're revamping the website. She tried to get a timeline, but couldn't. Obviously it's not something that was done overnight; it must have been in the works for some time and premeditated. But the agent did record my displeasure at omitting Firefox among supported browsers.


If you're unhappy, call Rogers or go to

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Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Manage PVR on Web is BROKEN

Does Chrome allow you to "Manage PVR", or is it simply the interface to AnyPlace that you get.


To stop the "Manage PVR" functionality is simply unacceptable, when it was working just fine.  It's also unacceptable to eliminate a huge percentage of your customers from your website.


Rogers, please supply us a link so that we can Manage PVR on our computers using a browser.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Manage PVR on Web is BROKEN



With Chrome you get to the Anyplace TV Guide, Movies, SHows etc.

[Recordings]  (manage PVR) takes you to a page saying "coming soon" and that meanwhile you can use the AnyPlace TV AT Home  .... which is worse than ironic as thats where we started!!!


One does wonder what sort of testing they do before releasing stuff....

I'm a Senior Contributor
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Re: Manage PVR on Web is BROKEN

I agree with virtually everything said here. The bottom line though - in a nutshell - is that rogers removed something that was working and replaced it with something that does not work - the ability to manage your PVR. This is one despicable act by rogers and nary a word on here from anyone from rogers. Jeesh! 

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Re: Manage PVR on Web is BROKEN

@Dugi  If like the past experience, I am not expecting any response directly from Rogers either on their sites or here through the moderators.


That is not their modus operandi when it comes to changes.


They have given us a link to their "new page", some descriptions, terms, and statements of what it can and can't do, and pretty much, that is about all I expect we will get.


Now it is up to us to go directly to the report a concern, ask tech support to guide us so they are fully aware, speak to managers, speak to Office of President ,etc.  Based upon past experience, the only way we ever got a direct response to the issues with Navigatr and other Cable related issues, was a shareholder on this board took it to the annual meeting and it went public, and we had a full response on the proposed actions within a few days.


So I would be very pleased if Rogers in its attempt to be responsive to the customer experience, would address this quickly and keep us fully informed.  If they are really committed to a new model, this is the place to start, rather than repeat the old worn path that has annoyed so many on this forum and has led to many of them just walking.


The reality is that the competitor's IPTV solution and online options are well developed and working very well, and if people become annoyed, we do have choices.


I do hope that they respond quickly - I don't want to be sitting around 8 months waiting to see if it all works with Comcast, and is still fully functionally for those they say can stay with the current broadband model for TV.


Time will tell.  I have some writing and calling to start doing tomorrow.  If I can, I plan to try to influence this implementation as I went through the other poor implementations, and I am not sure I wish to do it again.


Good night everybody, Bruce

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 156

Re: Manage PVR on Web is BROKEN

I had a relatively good conversation with a CSR this morning and she spoke to her supervisor.  


Whether it goes above that we shall see.  She definitely seemed to understand the two basic no-nos:

- removing the existence facility for At Home before the replacement is launched (on any browser),

- and also launching the new RAPTV with browser support for one browser covering only 50% approx of users.  


I gathered  that as of mid morning there hadn't been a lot of calls.   There certainly was no script for the CSR!!  Let's hope they start coming (unless Rogers does a quick roll-back).  


[edited to remove typo]

I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Manage PVR on Web is BROKEN

Note the simple typo in there too - Explorer 10 -  do they mean 11.


I hope so - version 10 was deprecated over a year ago.


Minor typo, but doesn't show well for accurate communications - and what about Firefox??  It is low in the usage numbers, but still a respectable usage number.  We use Firefox and Chrome in our home.


Just last week, I was using Firefox because Chrome was causing me problems with the forum.


I keep every standard browser as Rogers sites are notorious for suddenly not working on a specific browser and then I find it working on another.



I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Manage PVR on Web is BROKEN

I understand with the updated anyplaceTV website, Chrome is the only functioning web browser option. Using Chrome when I attempt to logon using my existing (yes used it last week) account I receive the following message:


30213 : No Entitlement/subscription found, Something is wrong on Rogers Entitlement Service


Yes, something is wrong indeed. Is a new account required? Are existing accounts being ported? Is the website logon down for cleaning?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Manage PVR on Web is BROKEN

I used the "Share a Concern" website this morning.


It's totally unacceptable to take away the functioning "Manage PVR" interface for computers and to replace it with something that doesn't function and is not accessible by roughly 50% of their customers who don't use Chrome on their computers.  It shows a total disrespect for customers to do something like this.

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