MSNBC & Rogers Ads

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MSNBC & Rogers Ads

Hi, this isn't a HUGE problem but one that's annoying nonetheless. 

Rogers inserts its own ads into MSNBC programming, and that's all well and good, but it frequently runs over into the programming itself. Too often you come out of commercial and a conversation is already well underway.

MSNBC frequently takes 30 second breaks and I don't think that's an appropriate time for a full minute of local ads.




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Re: MSNBC & Rogers Ads

Perhaps you should look at the bright side. If the Rogers commercial goes too long, you get to miss 30 seconds of MSNBC programming. 

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Re: MSNBC & Rogers Ads

Hello @Ajohms1956,


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I know how annoying it can be to miss out on programming due to advertisements. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We'll be happy to forward you feedback to the appropriate team.