MLB network and Big ten

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MLB network and Big ten


Moving into a Rogers city from Cogeco and trying to find the right package for us.   Extra Sports is what we think is best because we want the Big Ten network but we also want the MLB network.   Is the MLB network in Extra Sports?

The online packages are hard to figure out but it seems that MLB network is only in the VIP package.  If we take VIP then we do not get the Big Ten network as it appears to only be in the Extra Sports package.


If the MLB network is not in extra sports can it be added as  a standalone channel to the extra sports package and if so what is the cost?


Hopefully this forum provides better answers than your CSR's do.  

I called Rogers service and the lady kept trying to tell me the MLB network was Extra Innings which is part of the supersports pack.  When I corrected her the CSR then said that Rogers did not carry the MLB Network.  I told her I looked in the channel guide for where we are moving and it is channel 415.   She then said she did not know what package it was in but did confirm what channel it was on and that Rogers did indeed carry it.



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Re: MLB network and Big ten

Hello @SMcc1,


Welcome to the Community!


Your best option is to subscribe to one of our VIP packages, any of which will include MLB Network, but as you mentioned, not The Big Ten.  You can review the VIP packages here


From there, you can add the Sports Theme Pack, which includes The Big Ten Network, as well as various other channels for $10.99 a month.  You can find the theme pack here.  Select sports as the drop down and there you are.


drop down.png


sports theme.png



Hope this helps






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Re: MLB network and Big ten

Thanks for the respone.    I appreciate it.


However, that doesn't sound like a great offer as most of those channels in the add-on pack are already in the VIP package so I am paying twice for them really just to get the Big Ten.


Can you get MLB network as a standalone channel and add it to Extra Sports.  To me that would make more sense as extra sports has everything we would want except for the MLB network?

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Re: MLB network and Big ten

Hi @SMcc1,


Currently MLB Network is not offered as a standalone channel. However, like RogersCilio mentioned you could take a look at our VIP packages and see if any suit your needs :).


Thank you,