Lost three channels off my Digital Basic Package!

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Lost three channels off my Digital Basic Package!

What is Rogers doing? A few days ago channels 15, 21 & 63 have been blocked.

These channels have been available since I signed up to this package almost three

years ago. I received no prior notice that i would loose these channels.

I want them back or a decent reduction in the monthly TV subscription.

Next time ask me if i want this change.

I live in Toronto, by the way, and have the Next Box 3.

Also, my mother has the same package (with Next Box 2) and has all three

of those channels. What is going on??



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Re: Lost three channels off my Digital Basic Package!

Hello @telios,


Thanks for your post!

Loosing access to some channels you previously had access to can certainly cause some inconveniences.


If we had brought changes to your cable package, you would have definitely been made aware ahead of time.


Since noticing the issue a few days ago, have you tried to reboot your Nextbox or attempted any other troubleshooting steps?

  • Do you remember on what date you lost access to the channels?


You mentioned that the channels in questions are "blocked". What message do you see on your screen when tuning in? 


Looking forward to your reply!





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Re: Lost three channels off my Digital Basic Package!

@telius my more direct approachh suggestion. Contact @CommunityHelps or Maude via their name Tage and request a private message. You can then work directly with your account paremetets what your experience of error message and those channels discuss any changes and confirm this is nor technical versus an account change. If itt is technical you can deal with fixing it. If it is a change in service with notice it is a CCTC issue potentiality as under broadcast broadcast code any change in service must be communicated in chance to give you the opportunity to understand it and decide whether you wish to go forward with the change. If you don't you have right to cancel services and consider other options as I understand the code. Important to fully know your rights. Hopefully it is just a glitch easy to fix.

Contact Rogers directly via a channel and certainly let us all know what happened. I find it is always best to take the issues to a person who can see your account options changes you may or may not know and what you are experience to find an ammeniable fix within code and operation requirements. Good luck going for. I have this stations on my popular digital pla by the way but can't compare what plans we are both on and circumstances in your situation.

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Re: Lost three channels off my Digital Basic Package!

@teliosI take it your "Digital Basic" is an old plan no longer offered by Rogers. Unless you inadvertently switched to one of the new plans, you should not be losing channels. But from time to time Rogers is now removing channels from grandfathered plans and you will see this noted at the bottom of your bill. If you and your mother have the same packages and suddenly yours is missing 3 channels, there is definitely something amiss. By "blocked" I presume those channels now are a different colour in your guide and when you select them you get a message to call Rogers to subscribe. You could, of course, call the number to find out what's going on, but might spend spend a long time waiting on hold. Or you could contact @CommunityHelps here and have them sort it out once they haave your information.

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Lost three channels off my Digital Basic Package!

I logged on to My Rogers. Under "My TV Package" it says "Select".

So I have the "Select Specialty Package". Channel 63 "E" would be $4.00 a month

more to subscribe to. That's why it was removed. It's all to make $$$.

Thank you for helping.