Looking for a simple replacement universal remote

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Re: Looking for a simple replacement universal remote

I would a remote with the minimum number of buttons.  TV On/Off,  TV volume, Rogers channel up/down and ideally the Roger Fav button.  No numbers.   Obviously the remote has to control the Rogers set top box channels and not the TV channels.   Would this work or something similar.  It says it handles the cable box. https://www.amazon.ca/Universal-Big-Button-Remote-Television/dp/B01LY0FCQO/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_bdcrb_top...

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Re: Looking for a simple replacement universal remote

Since it appears to be a "Learning" remote, you can use the TV remote to "teach" the remote the power and volume buttons and the cable remote to teach the channel buttons.  However, how does it turn both TV and cable box on/off?  If it can't do that, then you'll need to leave the box on at all times, which is not an issue unless you get a power failure and then you'll need to turn the box on separately.


I noted from the various comments that the programming of the remote can be quite frustrating and takes some patience.


Obviously there is no FAV button on this remote.  Check out the comments earlier in this thread.