Lobby Watch Channel (Atlantic Canada) - Motorola 3400 (Nextbox 2.0)

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Lobby Watch Channel (Atlantic Canada) - Motorola 3400 (Nextbox 2.0)



I am interested in using the lobby watch channel that is listed on my digital box (Atlantic Canada version - Nextbox 2.0 - Motorola 3400) throughout my home. How can this be activated? Could I just pick up a RF modulator for the analog channel that the lobby watch channel is mapped, or would extra equipment/services be required as well. I live in a private house and not an apartment building. 


I would like to use the lobby watch channel on the digital box instead of having to switch inputs on the tv if possible, to keep it as simple as possible for the family. 







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Re: Lobby Watch Channel (Atlantic Canada) - Motorola 3400 (Nextbox 2.0)

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Lobby channels on Rogers equipment that activates the lobby watch is not suitable for single family dwellings.

Maybe Smart Home Monitoring would be something you can look into if you are looking to set your home up in this way.