Issues with my Nextbox 3.0

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Issues with my Nextbox 3.0

I've had it for 3 days and here are the issues I've had so far:


-No picture to TV but sound  comes through. This is only resolved by unplugging the Nextbox and plugging it back in and waiting a few minutes.  


-Nextbox when plugged back in and starts its reboot cycles powers down completely sometimes (blank screen, no four blue dashes or time or anything) and doesn't respond to pressing the power button on the box itself or the power button on the remote, necessitating unplugging the Nextbox a second time and waiting yet again. 


 I've searched google and found posts about similar issues that are a few years old. Is there a problem with my Nextbox or is this an ongoing issue with these? The box is connected to a brand new TV via HDMI cables and there are no loose cables or wires. 



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Re: Issues with my Nextbox 3.0

Durring the boot up, while there are satuses, etc on the screen (saying boot, etc) yeah, it wont power on... but if its doing it at OTHER times durring the start up???

It seems like some other other issue with the box.

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Re: Issues with my Nextbox 3.0

I've actually had a similar issue with my NextBox 3.0, I had to change my box to fix it.

Having technical support on the phone, they saw no issues, because the box picked up the signal regardless.

It just doesn't do aynthing pass that and stayed - - - - 


After changing the box, I had no issues there after.


Have you changed the box yet?