Is there any simple way to see my future recordings at a glance

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Is there any simple way to see my future recordings at a glance

I did finally figure out how to see my scheduled recordings on the new list feature of the nextbox 3.


I did find that if you go into one of the folders, you will see recorded versus scheduled tab.


For example, we are currently recording So you think you can dance and have it set up to record the series.

When I look into the folder, I can see the fact that there is a scheduled recording for next week on Aug 3, 2015, but I cannot find anywhere whether this is set up as a series.


I am figuring a number of very ackward workarounds to find my scheduled recordings and viewing my recording, but to suggest that this is easy or faster is a stretch beyond reality for me as a user.


Has anyone found a way to simply see the future recordings and whether you have a single record or series set up.


I have posted elsewhere on this and have read in very many places, but decided that it may be useful to open a new topic on how to actually use this redesign beyond the basic videos that have been provided.


So step by step, here is what I have found so far.


To find your recordings, use the list button, or menu my recordings option.

You will then get the visual presentation of your recordings, not in a list, but as folders, each one with a partial name, number of episodes and new if there is a new recording. Navigate using the arrows on your remote to move left, and at end of row, move up or down.  In my case with a 46 inch tv, I can see 1 complete row of 6 folders, and a second, but only partial view of another six folders.


If I go into my folder named so you think you can dance, on the folder it said there are two recordings. Well not actually, once I get in there - there is one new recording, I haven't watched yet, and one scheduled recording.


When I open the scheduled recording, I see the one scheduled for aug 3. I can chose to manage it, or do not record it.

I don't know if this is a series, or the series settings.  I can manage the following settings, save period of time, start time, and end time. I so not know the original settings. 


When setting up the recording in the first place, there are very nice features to get at single or series recording menus.

Press record once, or choose from the menu banner. If you click record once, you start recording, and if you press twice you get the series option.


If you go to more options, you have new episodes only or all episodes, you can define time slots (this time slot or any time slot), the day of the week this day or any day, save options, locked or unlocked access start time and stop time.


But you cannot see or change all these options after the fact from list the way we used to be able to.


It is almost like the programmers, designers and engineers for this change looked closely how to record, but didn't cover how to manage your recordings very well.  I really like the way the recording set up works, but I do need to change it.


If anyone knows of how to work around and find ways to change these options, other than completely deleting the recording and starting all over, let me know.


If others have found ways to work around issues, can you also do step by step ways to get there in order that we can at least work with the current update until they do the ultimate next update to fix what they missed. (I hope they do anyway)


I hate workarounds, but at least if I can find one, I can still do what I need to do.


Thanks everyone, BS



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Re: Is there any simple way to see my future recordings at a glance


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Re: Is there any simple way to see my future recordings at a glance



As far as I can tell, the "Recordings" page only shows "Episodes" if it is a series. No mention of Episodes means its a one-time recording.


If you go into one of the folders, on the right side, there is a list of options, one of which is Change Recording Settings. Here you can edit all the usual recording options "Any timeslot" "Any Day" etc.


The navigation on this page is really bad, as you can only go sideways if you are not looking at the details of a selected episode (recorded or scheduled). IE: you must be on the Scheduled tab and then go right.

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Re: Is there any simple way to see my future recordings at a glance

no easy way and its impossible to see just the schedule fo the day in order like with rtn5.1.

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Re: Is there any simple way to see my future recordings at a glance

With the old guide, I could hit the List button and see what was currently being recorded.  With the new guide I have to go into each and every folder to try and figure out what is recording.  If I'm recording a series, the little red dot doesn't appear in the corner of the folder.


Are there any settign to change from folder to list view?





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Re: Is there any simple way to see my future recordings at a glance

Ah, , I see that you are looking for convenience. YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE!!!

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Re: Is there any simple way to see my future recordings at a glance

Here's another gem to add to the list of improvements included in the attrocity that is NAVIGTR. (Is anybody keeping count?) 


I performed a search by subject content and found a prog I wanted to record. Only one listing was offered and it wasn't on a HD channel but I went ahead and set it to record anyway. Guess what? I later found that the prog was available symultaniously on an HD channel that wasn't offered in the search results.


For those looking for the ability to simply view a list of scheduled recordings or reminders? Forget it. What was once easily possible is apparently now impossible. Ah, the advancements of technology. The mind boggles.


I'm just wondering if there's a place we can go to pledge to withhold one month's Rogers subscription until they reinstate the previous version. (And even that wasn't as good as it's predecessor.) With sufficient of us committed, THAT might just wake the buggars up and get some action.

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Re: Is there any simple way to see my future recordings at a glance

In their infinite wisdom the brainiacs at Rogers decided that it was too simple for us to see a single list of everything that we had recorded + a single list of everything that we had scheduled to record so both these lists no longer exist. Now, instead of hitting LIST 1x to see all the recorded programs & hitting LIST 2x to see all the scheduled recordings, you can now find this same info by 10 - 15 steps, which obviously is better than 1 or 2 steps.


The only way to see what has been recorded or scheduled to record is to hit LIST 1x, then go to each box, open that box, & look at both these tabs within that box. Then you go back to the LIST home screen & repeat these steps for each box that shows. Yes, this is way simpler than hitting LIST 1x & seeing everything at a single glance.


I'm still waiting to see what the improvements are that this Navigatr system was supposed give us. So far everything that I have seen is the polar opposite.