Is Rogers TV down in Newmarket?

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Is Rogers TV down in Newmarket?

Is Rogers TV down in Newmarket



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Re: Is Rogers TV down in Newmarket?

Welcome to the Community @Dalaseju,


I know loss of service can be inconvenient. Just need to get a little bit more info to assist you further.  Are you able to turn on the TV box, if yes, are you seeing an error on the screen? Have you tried to reboot the box at all? If you do have the Rogers Internet service, is it up and running? 


We haven't been notified of any outages in your area, it'll be best to get in touch with our tech support team to identify the cause of the service interruption.






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Re: Is Rogers TV down in Newmarket?

Posting here to see if others in your area have their TV out is just a shot in the dark. What are the chances of someone else in your area also following this forum closely? Even then, it could be a problem on your end, either a cut cable or something within your house or setup. Your best bet is to call Rogers. It will walk you through various things to check, but if they're not applicable, you can always opt to talk to a live agent in the end who can check to see if you're getting a signal or confirm you actually have a cable interruption. If you do have a physical problem with your cable, that's the quickest way to get a tech out to get it fixed.

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