Intermittent Black Screen

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Re: Intermittent Black Screen



There, I finally got to all of your first posts - again welcome, and glad to see that you have brought your issues forward.  By the way, did you get welcomed by the forum officially, if not, welcome, and do read the terms and conditions of use of the forum.


The issue of black screen and intermittent problems of channels, is one best to call in or use @CommunityHelps (send a private message) the letter icon in the centre inside your profile at top right.


Ask them to check your signal levels, if you haven't yet.  These issues are almost always signal issues, not the box, and you are right, rebooting will do nothing if it is a line level issue.


You can check levels yourself in the diagnostics screen (push Exit button on remote and hold for two seconds, until you see the power light on the front screen blinking, then push the down button, then number 2.)


Look for power dBmv (should be close to 0 - it will be yellow or red if out of ranges), less than 10 and greater than -10 are the ranges.

Look for Signal SNR numbers (I am sorry I can't remember what the acceptable ranges are, but I also know that they are dependent upon the power signal, as anything off 0 is not full power, which impacts signal to noise ratio.


That is the only thing on the boards to data that speaks to the issue of black screens, and some channels, sound drop out.


I was at a resort last week, with power levels of 12-14 (red), but signal to noice ratio were about 47, which is reasonable, but power is impacting this too.  As it wasn't my box, I took its output down to SD output and that resolved the issue.


And again, welcome.  @57, maybe you can guide them on this one a bit if I missed anything, or others (sorry, names just slipped me)



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Re: Intermittent Black Screen

TV Blanking Out (Black screen) and sporatic pixellation


This is to help someone with a similar problem.


At times the TV was going black for a few seconds during live broadcasts but mostly you would get pixellation and a clicking sound at times.  It also occurred when viewing a recorded program.

Called up Chat and they lost me when they tried to send me a form to fill in. Long wait times. POOR.  Called up chat once again and at 10 am I asked for a Technician.  The usual - reboot box, etc. , Signal strength at their end  ok.  Asked if there was work being done in the area. They can't tell so agreed to send a techie for between 2-4 pm.  EXCELLENT!

Tech arrived right at 2 pm.   They now have a little map application that shows you where the truck is and the ETA.  They were supposed to call before arriving but didn't. POOR!  The Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) was 3 hours initially. Then I saw 4 hours. Suddenly it was 10 minutes and the little truck was 4 km away. Watched it arrive at 14:00 on my screen and the real truck showed up about 60 feet ahead of the animated truck. EXCELLENT!  Just like Uber.

Showed the Techie the problem. He began by checking the basement connections and changing all the cable endings. He even changed the splitter for the other TV and Internet.  When he got to the PVR (9568HD) and changed the cable connection to that box, I noticed that the pixellation continued without it being connected to the cable.

Initially we thought it was the box, now it looked like the TV was the culprit. What about the HDMI cable? Okay. Changed that and HDMI 1 still gave the flashing pixellation signal. So let's try HDMI 3.  Switched the HDMI cable and the setting for HDMI 3 and everything was clear and steady. Appears that the HDMI 1 connection at the TV was no longer good.   Waited a bit to see if it would start again.  Stayed clear and steady so he left a 14:25. Very quick and no cost. I gave this a rating of 4 out of 5.


I hope this issue might help someone else, since all you need to do to fix it is try changing the HDMI source to eliminate it as one of the problems.  It takes about 2 minutes to move the HDMI input on the back of the TV and select the new source on the remote.  Good luck.

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Re: Intermittent Black Screen

@User14 that is great news that the issue got resolved! You are lucky that you didn't get charged any fee's.

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Re: Intermittent Black Screen


For the black screen TV issue, I want to add that it sometimes happens with hardwired TVs and PVRs. It happens about once a month. After a night time software update, in the morning we find that occassionally, one or the other of our two PVRs gives us a black screen or the picture just keeps refreshing.  In these cases we have to unplug the PVR and let it reboot.  My wife always knows when there has been a software update because she has to readjust one of her "settings".  Letting customers know that there has been an overnight update might be a useful function to add. They would know to reboot when these odd things happen and only suffer the inconvenience of rebooting the PVR.