Improved pic quality on Digital TV???

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Improved pic quality on Digital TV???

Hi all, I have Digital TV with a Nextbox 3. Picture quality has always been really good for the last few years, but in recent weeks, I’ve noticed a fairly substantial improvement across multiple channels. Colours pop more and resolution seems higher. Has Rogers started upconverting and broadcasting in 1080p?




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Re: Improved pic quality on Digital TV???

Rogers sends out what they receive from the broadcasters, which for HD is 720P and 1080i, depending on the channel. I believe some on-demand may be 1080P.  Here's an FAQ on the topic:


Perhaps you inadvertently changed the settings on your TV, or perhaps are now viewing a different input on the TV which may be adjusted differently.  Here's a post on optimizing your TV:


I just checked the diagnostics and CBC is 720P and Crave is 1080i.


Sometimes I've seen a TV firmware update change the colour saturation, or other picture setting.  If you have your TV set up for auto-updates, that may be the cause.  I actually hate it when they make such changes to the TV's picture because I need to go back and recalibrate.

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Re: Improved pic quality on Digital TV???

Hi @toolcubed,


Though there has been no change in our broadcast I'm glad to see you've noticed some level of improvement.  We'll be happy to forward your feedback to our product team.