Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

And, not to toot my own horn, but @57 provided links back to my discussion on the impact of Comcast's switch from TIVO licensed (now RIKO), IPG guide and related functionality to Graceland as their guide base.


When that happened, TIVO/RIKO came back with some licensing violations, two of which hit Rogers customers, and all of the other three companies actively implementing into the Comcast X1 /XFINITY IPTV model and cloud model of TV.  Rogers rebranded in their financial reports last winter to Ignite TV and dropped any references to Comcast or X1. The other companies are Shaw out west, Quebecorp who have not implemented yet, and Cox communications in the US.


Basically, rebranding achieves a visual and name divestment from a branding point to all the issues that Comcast has in their core implementation of the same product and identical with Shaw and Cox.


All companies have a challenge with legacy equipment and service models along side their new models.


Rogers calls streaming Anyplace TV - and that is all it is - with no PVR management - why - because they don't have licensing - obviously they did have it under the old system, but maybe they let that licensing lapse or ran into the challenge that the apps now touch their legacy systems are now touching the Comcast X1 based Ignite, which if the impact on the other companies would suggest, there is most likely a licensing issue when trying to run the app to touch both the legacy system, which would have had a different set of licenses, and touching the Comcast of which they are still firm that they will contest that license issue, which is a big gamble, because their is other licenses being contested.


So how did we get here - basically, Rogers is driving to catch up to Bell Fibe Fibre based TV, and now watching Bell catch up on Internet speeds (the one thing Rogers was winning on), and their whole future is invested in this new model yet to come, with the compromise on the current technology that all consumers are still using.


If you follow @Meowmix 's advice and search Comcast, take a look at their products and their forum - their forum on manage your PVR is enlightening, you will feel like a bit of deja vu.  It hit them first and they didn't tell their customers, and over time, they openly admitted the licensing issues, the customers on the forums are now saying, would you just pay the licensing and can we move on and many of their XFINITY customer base is refusing to move to the new model - many of the features of the X1 model are cost added features, and it appears you can manage their cloud PVR, but not the legacy equipment.


And they all offer two models of service - Shaw has Blue sky which watching TV over the Internet (not sure if their is cost additional) - Cox calls it Contour - when you see their equipment, you will see they are still showing what looks like a technicolor, cisco style box.  But what is common is that all systems do not have a manage PVR feature available on apps.  They had it temporarily because the result of the first ruling was companies could keep one legacy app (Rogers was the home app), the other companies have others, but my guess is that it is becoming a challenge to manage two platforms as they get closer and closer, and why manage a single app to manage legacy systems?


But for us that have always used the manage PVR app to assist us in our lifestyle choices and for accommodation for our disabilities, by the way, the only accommodation that Rogers provides if you ask about challenges with the programming is a larger button device.  They have a very narrow concept of accommodation and definition of disabilities I have learned, but that is a completely different issue.


So, like Comcast, Shaw, Cox, and us on Rogers, we are watching as the switch over occurs, that the licensing problem that Comcast created for themselves flows to us too, along with just how long is Rogers going to fully support the existing model.  It is clear they don't have a problem with number one, removing functionality and not telling us why, number two, they won't consider keeping the legacy platform running with licenses in place, although we already see that there is a unique Ignite TV app available to the testers, so clearly they have two platforms running, and number three, they have placed their bet on catching up to the IPTV market industry on Comcast, so what goes with Comcast goes with us too and Rogers never mentions any of this - it is Comcast's issue to work out, which is true, but they also don't seem to be too concerned about compromising our experience while either you wait for the new technology to come and just what will it cost, and how long they will fully support the legacy technology, and the trend so far is that in the drive towards the new model, they are willing to compromise our experience.  I was told that directly by a senior person earlier and I reported on that here.


So, for some, it becomes one more nail in the Rogers coffin.  I have been on the edge, and between all this stuff, and also the excessive negotiating for long term customers, or even new customers at the end of their one year contract, they are starting to make my decisions much easier.


And no there are no workarounds.



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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

So Bell has this sorted?  The solution would be to switch to them perhaps?

Ignite TV sounds like an excuse to up fees.  Plus why would I devote Internet bandwidth to watch TV?

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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

In chat with a CSR trying to get contact info for the responsible SVP and they asked me to forward the email to them!  Sounds like their scripts not updated yet!

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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

So does anyone at Rogers know whats going on I really liked the idea of the app but it was very unstable. I used the app very often to remote control the PVR. Is Rogers going to provide a alternative or opensource the project?. I think they should. 

While the ability to control your PVR from your mobile device is going away, it's still easy to set and manage your recordings using your Rogers TV remote at home

who wrote this because it seems like it is making fun of the consumer 

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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

@Meowmix  East coast under Bell Aliant and in the cities, they are also running FTTH in many locations and their IPTV Fibe product was first developed and implemented through Bell Aliant in the east.


Bell doesn't go past Ontario due to a unspoken agreement that Telus stays out of Internet and TV west of Manitoba, and Bell doesn't go east of Ontario.  Same as Rogers does not go west of Ontario, and Shaw doesn't go east of Ontario.


Bell and Shaw still push Satellite across the country - another option not mentioned, but once you get outside the GTA, it really is the only option for full choice.  My own neighbourhood in Whitby is still full of Bell Satellite.


The Satellite options allow for management of PVR through Shaw gateway App, and Bell has their app too.


So, Rogers and Comcast need to get their act together on this one soon - current position of Comcast is they will not follow the request of their customers to do a short term payment of the licensing to TIVO for the use of the feature, and will continue to fight it in court, so in the meantime, licensing is not avaible to allow for the ability to manage our PVR on it looks like any app - the ruling did allow for the legacy apps in the case of Rogers, the Home app, but something has led to first Rogers pulling the live feed feature a few weeks back, and now to announce pulling the whole app.


And there is also the reality that the over the top options are growing in their availability in Canada - a major US network just released their mobile alternative to their network broadcast service into Canada.  Who know what TV is going to look like - In the US, on demand feeds are obtained from all the GO apps, signing in with your TV account and verification with your provider then allows you access to the GO app on their unified apps and web browser sites.


Things they be a changing, and we unfortunately are caught in the middle.




Time will tell.


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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

"Don't feel bad because we're not taking away your remote."


Really? A lot of good that remote will do me if I am in Timbuktu.


I have always found the Home Edition App useful when I am away from home. Someone mentions a good tv show? I could pick up my phone and tape it immediately.  Reading the newspaper and a new show is mentioned? There was no need to go to another room and turn on the television.


In fact, sometimes I even found it easier to use the app if I were sitting right in front of the tv with the remote beside me.  Why is Rogers taking away something else from us? Well, I know the answer. It always has to do with money.


Time to check out other possibilities. 

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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

Another reason to cut the cord.

I’m also a snowbird and find it’s very useful to be able to program recordings when away from home, especially for programs and movies that are not available outside of Canada (licensing restrictions).  Cross-border licensing is also a problem with streaming apps, so remote PVR programming is actually a value-added service in this case.  Will Rogers forthcoming IPTV service be accessible outside Canada?  Probably not.

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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

Change need not be bad,  its just when the planning is so breathtakingly incompetent its beyond annoying.  They have basically withdrawn a key service before they have a replacement figured out.   Thats incompetent planning.

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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

The "dont feel bad..." quip is a sign of a less than expert spin doctor, something positive sounding that totally misses the point of what they are doing.  That alone is a sign that they dont have a clue.

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Re: Important notice about the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app = Feature going away

Well, just got my email!!


I got it just now - and yes, it is almost laughable.



The good news is, no matter where you live, you can enjoy great TV not only at home, but also on the go on your mobile device with the new and improved Rogers Anyplace TV app, included with your subscription. This app allows you to:
• Stream live TV, sports, news and more
• Catch up on TV shows and movies On Demand
• Watch on up to 2 devices at the same time
• Pause a show on one device, then pick it up on another


Now for the bad news that they didn't mention.


First off that is not news - those are the very features already available and announced on that app, but let's not get into the Web browser page and its restricted choice of browsers, and how about this.


Time to change this page

Soon you'll be able to manage your recordings from your desktop and mobile devices. But for now, you can still use the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app to record your favourites.

In Atlantic Canada, you can continue to use Remote PVR Managerapp to manage your recording


Need to either drop that link at the top - Comcast dropped reference to that link a few months back, because it is not coming soon as Comcast has said on their forums, they intend to fight the licensing in the US courts, so it is a feature that all have to live without.


Maybe either remove it, or change, to as of May 31st, not available anywhere.


And bad news - as this was my accommodation for my visual accuity issues with the IPG on Navigatr, and when we did travel, we used it for recordings when we were away outside the 7 days ahead that is available on the IPG, and the Web page has been missing it for months, which was my best tool as I can work with a full keyboard well, I don't manage small keys well anymore - maybe I need to consider sitting on the floor in front of the TV and get one of the big remotes they recommend for motor dexterity and visual accuity by giving us bigger keys on the remote.  Don't know if it is a full remote.


And as for all those good news - I don't watch TV on a tablet, don't own one, the old one died, I do sometimes plug the Web Browser via VGA to my SD TV in the basement as my DTA doesn't have the full channel set on it, and I really don't feel like Whole Home TV when I have two TV's on digital boxes, one Nextbox 3 PVR and one old piece of worn out equipment, but still works, that they gave me on my last plan change to give me full TV on my second TV.


So, nice try - good news as you take things away - as I said, it is not news, it was already there and you already told us about it, and it is a feature I don't care about anyway.


So drop the spin, just tell us you are removing the feature, and mention if you have any plans at all whether it will come back or not.


Laugh or scream - a bit of a rant, and a laugh.  Any more meaningless good news to let us know or do we have to wait for the next bad news to come??  Smiley Frustrated  I certainly would not want to be a Rogers front end employee dealing with these calls.  Frustrated customers, with no full answers.


So, what are we losing next in the name of the chase to new technology and competing with the Big Blue guys.  Our neighbourhood is targeted for FTTH this summer, when they layout the infrastructure for the new school going in I was told by a tech.  They will do the full neighbourhood when they have the equipment in for the implementation to the new school.  Will Rogers new product be out by then?  But I may not be here by then as my plan takes a big jump, so I have to do the negotiations dance before then, interesting discussion I would imagine while I explain that I am losing things as we speak.


Rogers is caught in the chase to keep up - not leaders anymore.  But I don't want Bell - can't win, but for some, they can have the features they want now. My daughter is on the other guys, first in Toronto, now in Hamilton, and has never had a complaint, so there are both good and bad experiences for people on either company.


But Rogers is going to have to do something soon - they can't keep taking away and expect that they won't speed up the TV switch to other companies, or just keep the cut the cord move going.



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