IPG Inconsistencies

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Resident Expert
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Re: IPG Inconsistencies

This weekend Formula 1 isn't as messed up as last time. On Sunday, the PVR IPG has Formula E in Mexico, instead of F1 in France. AnyPlace is accurate.


I have not noticed anything different as of June 15th per discussions on that topic above...  I was hoping the PVR IPG would use Anyplace or IgniteTV information, but I guess that was too much to ask.  For example, TVO's The Agenda with Steve Paikin still has generic information instead of what's actually airing (CH2, 8PM, 11PM, 5AM weekdays). Similar situation for some other programming I watch regularly.

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Re: IPG Inconsistencies

Very frustrated with your guide.


1. I have complained 4 times, our guide does not show what is actually playing. Example July 7th, TSN5 showed Ultimate Fighter is playing, when Copa America semi final was actually on (the one I wanted to watch and missed 1/2 the game). Each complaint was told it would be resolved, but seems on going.


2. Why have you removed from all channel the year of the program from the program synopsis? It is useful for consumers, I want to know watching a movie is it original or a remake, or what year an episode is, because some TV shows have some type of time line that follows.


3. Why is it that if I turn off/hide you ROD and Call display channels they return within a few hours? Only these channels return, if I was interested in them I would not try and get rid of them

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: IPG Inconsistencies

This week the IPG has been horrible.


The Agenda – TVO, 8PM, 11PM, 5AM


The name of this programme changes from day to day. Sometimes it’s “The Agenda Interview” and sometimes it’s “The Agenda Interviews”.  This is not just because it’s the summer since that doesn’t even coincide with the proper name of the programme which is “The Agenda In The Summer”.  The rest of the year it’s “The Agenda With Steve Paikin”.  I had to set two new series recordings this week.  The descriptions for the Agenda are almost always incorrect, generic or useless.


Professor T – PBS, Sunday 12AM and other times


The name of this programme changes from day to day now and it’s not just because they’ve started airing the latest British version.  Sometimes it’s “Professor T” and sometimes it’s “Professor T.”  It was difficult to spot the difference until I noticed the missing period and had to set an additional series recording to catch all the airings.


Formula 1 – TSN, Usually TSN5, but it varies.


The names of the Series that I had set for a couple of years have changed from “Formula One….” To “Formula 1….” leaving me to wonder why they hadn’t come up automatically this weekend until I spotted the minor difference in the name.  Of course, as is typical for most auto racing, the programming names are not correct in some instances for the weekend and some are missing altogether.  I always check TSN’s website and also AnyPlace which is usually correct, but not always.


Mayday – Discovery 6AM.:


I have a series recording set for “new” and this programme started recording this week.  Unfortunately, it appears that the “new” modifier is incorrect as the programming was from 2005/6, etc.  The descriptions of that “new” programming is also incorrect as it refers to a 5-part series, which Mayday is not.


The above are just a few of the IPG issues for me this week.  The IPG has become almost useless without double checking names, programme info, other listings on the web, etc.