IPG Inconsistencies

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Re: IPG Inconsistencies

Checking my scheduled recording for new episodes of Suits yesterday, the description looked suspiciously like last week's episode. this usually happens when there is no new episode, but a rerun, or something else. Indeed, when I checked the IPG, Suits had a generic description, no "New" flag and not flagged to record. However, checking online resources like epguides.com and Zap2it and elsewhere, they all shewed a new episode. So I selected the episode with the generic description to record and it was indeed a new episode, just not flagged. This seems to be happening more lately. I'm done with catching up in ROD, which has become more and more buggy and full of commercials. 

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Re: IPG Inconsistencies

Just a heads up for anyone who watches or has Ransom scheduled for recording
Sat. 16 March, Global does not list it as "New" but CBS does.
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Re: IPG Inconsistencies

Had ticket since January 31rst still not fixed. Known issue. Anyone with cable in Ottawa region with cable should be refunded for failure to provide service.
I beleive it is attempt to sell BETA IGNITE that will never run properly until fiber is brought to the door like Bell.