How to turn off AutoHD

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: How to turn off AutoHD

I am saying when TLN shows a 4X3 SD show they air it without stretching on their SD channel (it fits so they leave it alone) but they stretch it on their HD channel rather than adding sidebars.  This policy means that anyone watching their HD channel gets a stretched picture, which I also hate.  Given this, I would like to tune in TLN in SD on my HD box so they I can watch without the stretching but because of autoHD and because TLN is not availble in the 100's or 700's in SD I have to watch a stretched picture.  No setting on my TV or my box can "unstretch" a channel.  I can make it wider or taller but I can't bring the sides in, back to where they should be.

I'm an Advisor
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Re: How to turn off AutoHD

TLN-W is available in SD on channel 783 and shows 4:3 with no video stretching.

The East feed on 782 is supposed to be in SD, but shows in HD. Note: I am in Brampton, so your channel numbers might be different.