How long does it Nextbox 3.0 to boot up

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Re: How long does it Nextbox 3.0 to boot up

Boot up length


Based upon last nights experience, there are three types of downloads that occur.


Nightly content update - around 2 am - generally 3-5 minutes without reboot, up to 10 with reboot


The nightly one is the guide data for future dates, and deleting the day before - it populates the guide, the red dots for recordings, updates future recordings from "ghost recordings - no future scheduled show at this time" to furture recordings, update on demand catalogue and poster art for recordings lists.


This download does not always result in a reboot, and the length, in my experience can be a couple of minutes, to about 5 minutes.


When a reboot occurs, this will take about another 5 minutes and you will see the little % circle typically on screen if you are watching TV at the time.


The length of download is probably based upon just how much downloaded content is coming - Some things on on demand are only changed up in bulk, with expiry dates, and new shows usually once per week, say like TMN.


When an update without reboot occurs, that process of population of all details can take up to an hour some times. You just have to be patient. Typically Rogers on demand content is the last area to be fully populated.


If you have any issues arising after a download with no automatic reboot, it is a good idea to reboot the box, either through settings, troubleshooting, or just unplug the box, wait a bit and plug it back in.


Software/firmware updates will be much longer, but rarely happen now


The really long download, multiple reboots that I got last night was due to an update of all the Cisco firmware/software compenents first, the reboot to activate the new features (what ever they were - or fixes), then the normal download of content, and a reboot after that one.


That whole process was about 20 minutes start to finish.


But in general, a download daily is going to range from about 3-10 minutes in my experience.



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Re: How long does it Nextbox 3.0 to boot up

@BS Excellent explanation, I too noticed the software/firmware update that occured last night on my Nextbox 3.0

I haven't noticed any changes yet, so perhaps just a bug fix release.


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Re: How long does it Nextbox 3.0 to boot up

The 8300 are refurbished? However all my boxes were refurbished, I just replace a NexBox yesterday due to since a week ago it was going every morning in to Boot Mode, yesterday I couldn't get it going it was going now to "Conn" I'm assuming Connect, and never connects, however it says now PEnd, and it says it needs a new software the one that is a here is from Thu Mar 28 2013. So I took that receiver back and I got another REFURBISH PIECE ONE, now I plugged back on, and I wait about 10 minutes and I got my TV back, so I wake up this morning and I'm on the same problem again it wants to do an update but never get an update due to there is never an network available. Very upset right about now.

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Re: How long does it Nextbox 3.0 to boot up



The issue of a STB not booting is often due to a poor signal, either in your home or in your neighbourhood. Sometimes it goes away in a day or so if there is an actual network issue.  See the following post on the topic of signal strength, which is a very common issue.  That's why swapping a STB is rarely the solution.

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Re: How long does it Nextbox 3.0 to boot up

@Paulop  Yes, the 8300 are refurbished. The only box that is not currently out of production is the Nextbox 4K box.


Even the 9865 Nextbox 3.0 is out of production for at least over a year and they are all refurbished.


In some areas of Ontario, they are still providing the 8300 to customers - like after the recent purchase of cable services in Grey County area, they have the Nextbox 2.0's.  Guess when they moved most of the Toronto area to Nextbox 3.0, the returned 8300's, were pooled together and distributed to other areas of Ontario.



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Re: How long does it Nextbox 3.0 to boot up

Three minutes? I wish. It’s more like eight to ten. And sometimes it has to go through the cycle more than once, meaning fifteen minutes or more.
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Re: How long does it Nextbox 3.0 to boot up

If that is the case, more than likely you have signal issues going to that box.

Get a tech out to tweak/check the signal.  They can replace/change a splitter, put in a booster if needed, etc.

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