How far should the Cisco DTA50 be from the cable entering your home?

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How far should the Cisco DTA50 be from the cable entering your home?

Installed a Cisco DTA50 on an analog TV in my basement. Used a 25 foot cable that I had been using for years on the TV, before switch to Digital occurred. Was tired of watching the Aquarium channel.


Received only half of the channels I should have been receiving (e.g. did not even receive channel 2, TVO). Called Rogers. Support person reset DTA50. No change. I unplugged DTA50, plugged it back in, at suggestion of Rogers Support person. No change. Support person told me to get a new DTA50.


Got a new DTA50. Same thing. Even worse. Fewer channels.


Decide to move DTA50 to point where cable entered home. Used 2-foot cable to attach DTA50 to cable entry point, another 2-foot cable to TV. Presto! Got all channels. I think.


Still using 2-foot cable from DTA50 to cable entry point, attached another old analog TV to DTA50 "out" using 25 foot cable. (TV is 25 feet away from cable entry to home.) Still working OK.


Seems DTA50 specifications should have noted this limitation and should have been provided to the customer.


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Re: How far should the Cisco DTA50 be from the cable entering your home?

With analogue TV, if the signal was poor, you simply had poor picture quality. With digital signals, you either have enough signal to tune the channel, or you don't.  Sounds like you're right on that edge. Call Rogers to have them check the signal and if it's low have them over to fix the signal problem, which may be a splitter, poor RF-coax cable, or something else inside your home, or it could be a signal issue in your neighbourhood.

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Re: How far should the Cisco DTA50 be from the cable entering your home?

@Jim_in_Kanata what 57 said. 25' should not be a problem if the cable and connectors are good. Press and hold the INFO button on your remote for 10 seconds and the diagnostic screen appears. Choose Tuner Status (I think) and you'll see a screen with signal strength and S/N ratio. I don't know what the ideal parameters are for the DTA50, but for my SA8300HD the signal strength should be between -10 and +10 dBmV and S/N should be be about 35 dB. If it's 30 or less there's a problem. My DTA50 and PVR show similar results.  You should see a difference between channels that work and don't work. But Rogers should also be able to tell if you're getting a good signal to your DTA. When I've had a signal problem the Rogers tech replaced any bad cable, splitters and connectors no charge.

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Re: How far should the Cisco DTA50 be from the cable entering your home?

Hello @Jim_in_Kanata,


Welcome to the Community!


I can certainly assist in troubleshooting this issue further. As previously stated, this does seem as though your signals may not be in spec. I can run a diagnostic test on your cable lines and determine the next steps from there. When you are online next, please send a private message to @CommunityHelps as I will need access to your account.




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Re: How far should the Cisco DTA50 be from the cable entering your home?

I do agree generally that DISTANCE shouldnt be the issue.. i have a full rogers box in the OPPOSITE corner of the house from where it comes in.. and its working fine.


More than anything, as mentioned, the connector, or the cable itself, it just not up to snuff most likely.. dammaged, or poor quality... its just not handling the full proper digital signal across it.

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Re: How far should the Cisco DTA50 be from the cable entering your home?

Another vote for poor signal quality.  I have a 30 foot cable running from the cable TV outlet on the back of my house to the other side of my deck - the DTA-50 works perfectly out there.


Call Rogers and ask them to dispatch a technician to assist - the tech will be able to fix the signal issue and provide you with new coax cable (to eliminate problems with old cable).




EDIT: The new cable provided by Rogers should be RG-6 coax, not RG-59 coax.  RG-6 coax is thicker (18AWG) with better sheilding.

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