How do I get my 'Bonus' channel?

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Re: How do I get my 'Bonus' channel?

I want to change my bonus channel


I have tried several times to change my bonus channel online.  I have had this TV package for some time now and I have not had success when trying to change the bonus channel.  The page to do so online just crashes.  What channels can I choose from as I understand there are limited choices available.

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Re: How do I get my 'Bonus' channel?

@Kim17 : It looks like your post was moved to this existing thread on the topic.  See post 20 for the list of  bonus channels. If the bonus channel page crashes when you're trying to choose/change, you may wish to PM the Community Helps people here. See link below on how to do that.

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Re: How do I get my 'Bonus' channel?

How do I view Makeful (channel #)? What's the procedure to change my bonus channel?

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Re: How do I get my 'Bonus' channel?

Hello @publik!


Thank you for joining us here in the Community and great first post! 👍


There is actually a free preview for the Makeful channel currently available from February 4th to April 6th, 2019. Please see below for the channel placements:


Digital TV: 106 & 294 or 177 for Hamilton residents

Ignite TV: 326


Just to clarify, do you currently have Digital TV services set up with us? Or are you on one of our Ignite TV bundles?


If you had subscribed to one of our eligible Digital TV packages (Select, Popular or Premier) between August 9, 2016 - December 3, 2018, then you should have 1 bonus channel included in your package.


To view the Bonus Channels list please CLICK HERE. You should be able to login to your online profile on to change your bonus channel once per billing cycle.


If you run into any problems with changing your bonus channel via self-serve, you can always reach out to us by Private Message @CommunityHelps and we'll be happy to assist. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please CLICK HERE


If you are currently subscribed to one of our Ignite TV bundles and would like to swap out some of your FLEX channels, then please CLICK HERE to view the step by step instructions.


We hope this information is useful! 😁