How do I get my 'Bonus' channel?

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Re: How do I get my 'Bonus' channel?

Why does it say it's going to cost me and cost me the regular price too to change bonus channel, I got a discount on my TV package and thought it's free to change bonus channel?

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Re: How do I get my 'Bonus' channel?

@Jayzino wrote:

Why does it say it's going to cost me and cost me the regular price too to change bonus channel, I got a discount on my TV package and thought it's free to change bonus channel?

probably just a mistake. It's been said that you can change the bonus channel by simply calling in to Rogers Cable and have them do it for you

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Re: How do I get my 'Bonus' channel?

How do I select a bonus channel? I wa given a list of bonus channels but all are not active.
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Re: How do I get my 'Bonus' channel?

Hello @suesoney,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank you for your post!


Being able to obtain an additional channel, that comes as part of your Cable package, is definitely something we want to help you benefit from. The list of Bonus channels actually depend on your Cable package.


To get a list of the active Bonus Channels follow these steps:

 Sans titre.png


You’ll need to contact customer service to change your bonus channel. You can change your bonus channel once per billing cycle. The change will be effective immediately.


For more information, visit our TV Packages FAQs support article. Smiley Wink


Hope this helps!



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Re: How do I get my 'Bonus' channel?

This is not working.  Please let me know how I change my bonus channel ASAP (without waiting on the phone for more an hour).

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Re: How do I get my 'Bonus' channel?

Hello @champagnekisses,


I can imagine how having to wait a long period of time on the phone to speak to someone just to change your bonus channel is less than ideal. 


You can follow the steps listed in Post 8 in this thread for the self-serve steps to change your bonus channel. If that doesn't work then feel free to send us a Private Message to @CommunityHelps so we can pull up your info and change it for you on our end.


If you are not familiar with our Private Messaging system please check out our Blog.


I hope this helps! =)




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Re: How do I get my 'Bonus' channel?

Just an update from my test just now @RogersTony  The self serve option for bonus channel changes -


The link to change bonus channel is there, but it takes me to the page to change my package, not to choices of bonus channels.  With the removal of the bonus channel in the package (even with the change today on the shop site - the option does not exist anymore).



Please confirm that the self serve option is still available and how to get to it - I did the change a package and it does allow you to change packages, but then give no option for bonus channel, just provides the option for checkout and warning that you can't go back to your old package.


Also, something I noticed, is that there is no warning of what you may lose by changing channel packages or plans.


I certainly wasn't going to proceed to check what happens, but I would hope that the final change does not go through without a call back from Rogers, as the TV broadcast code requires that the company involved MUST advise the customer of any lost pricing discounts, or channel options, and any other changes from your previous plan that reduces savings or services by making a change - a warning that you can't go back is not acceptable under the tv broadcasters code under CRTC.


I may be wrong, but the option of changing bonus channels does not seem to be available under self server, so I guess either contact @CommunityHelps, or contact a CSR at Rogers via the various channels of Chat, Facebook mesenger, phone call, twitter PM - all listed under contact us - be sure to go to changes for home services for changes or additions of services to get the right group.


Also, this help page is currently a blank page, so there is no help provided for dealing with channel packages and changes.


So, for clarification, is the self serve option gone, and given the response of CSR's described above, I wonder if things have changed, or they are responding to the reported changes presented earlier this week about removal of bonus channels from the packages.


Looking forward to hearing the update - I have a bonus channel, so would appreciate knowing my options if I decide to change it at some point in the term of my contract.


If a change has occurred, as a customer, we have not been advised.


Thanks for any confirmation available.



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Re: How do I get my 'Bonus' channel?

Hey Bruce,


Thanks for posting! As usual, we appreciate your input and value your feedback.


Thanks for notifying us that the "TV Packages FAQs" support article does not seem to display correctly. We'll update the link when we have more information.


Please reach out to one of our representative or send us a PM for assistance with your Bonus Channel selection or any changes you would like to bring to your cable package.






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Re: How do I get my 'Bonus' channel?

The link you gave doesn't let me view my bonus channels.   Where is a list of these channels?  I want to change mine on the 16th of December.


Thank you.

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Re: How do I get my 'Bonus' channel?

Hey @Square,


Thank you for your post!

The Bonus Channels list no longer appears on our TV webpage because they no longer come with our new cable packages.


Customers who subscribed to the packages between August 9, 2016 and December 3, 2018 have a bonus channel included in their Select, Popular and Premier TV Packages.


To view the Bonus Channels list, click here or access the following page:


The option to modify your choice should be available through MyRogers by December 16th, but if you would like us to do it, don't hesitate to send us a PM.





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