How Do I Turn Off Emergency Alerts On Navigatr?

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: How Do I Turn Off Emergency Alerts On Navigatr?

Yes, I do agree with you! Especially those who have pull and connections

and get it up right away, only to find the child wanted to run away for a while

and finally comes home!

Oh, Oh, and yes, it being the 4th and 5th time only!

I am well aware that the crtc passed this, but before implementation, did Rogers (the carrier) even pose any questions and conditions as what has been hashed over of late?



I'm a Trusted Advisor
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Re: How Do I Turn Off Emergency Alerts On Navigatr?

Hello @lawny

They go by what the CRTC and the Government of Canada gives them. They can question but no carrier does with a system like this as its mandatory to have it. Soon it's coming on cellphones just like in the state. Again if you have any concerns bring it up to the CRTC and or ur local government, they implemented this. Rogers is doing what they are told to do. They can't do or change anything unless its given a green light by the CRTC.
Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: How Do I Turn Off Emergency Alerts On Navigatr?

The carriers have no choice over the look, sound or implementation schedule of the alerts.  Yes, the carriage is mandated by the CRTC, however the CRTC does not have any control beyond that.  If you're looking to do something about it, as was suggested earlier, a little research is in order, starting with this thread.  Included in earlier pages are the following posts, which may be a good place to start:



Fwiw, from the following Government of Canada site comes the following:


Common Look and Feel Guidance


To encourage public feedback, version 1.2 of the CLF Guidance document will be posted for a 30-day review period. The draft document will be available, and comments accepted by email at, until December 2, 2016 at 9:00 p.m. EST. Any comments, or proposed edits, will be considered by the CLF Working Group and accepted, rejected or deferred.


So, it looks like you missed the opportunity to propose changes to the guidance document by 1 month.  Perhaps in another 3 or 4 years another opportunity will present itself. 




I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: How Do I Turn Off Emergency Alerts On Navigatr?

How frequently will I see these messages?

You will only see an alert in the event of an imminent emergency or during testing of the system

The amber alert started here in Ottawa about 30 minutes ... for a child abduction over 1800 km from here and the suspect is heading WEST.
You have a database filled with our addresses. You certainly have the know how to create an algorithm to send alerts to confined areas and broader areas as required by the alert. All within the CRTC's guidelines.
I pay way to much to continually put up with bad reception, service interruption, lousy pay per view. AND do you EVER call me to offer me great discounts, A loyal customer for 20 years? Noooo, those a only if you're a new customer. You want to keep customers? Get off your seats and come up with a solutions that will keep the CRTC and your customers happy.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: How Do I Turn Off Emergency Alerts On Navigatr?

Is there anyway I can stop this, it's been going on for hours now. I feel terrible for this child. Unless they walk into my house at 3am I'm not going to see them.

Does the sound have to be so loud, my grandma 👵 almost had a heart ❤️ attack. On one tv the exit button worked, not on the rest unfortunately. Can't even watch a recorded program 😞

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: How Do I Turn Off Emergency Alerts On Navigatr?

Get rid of it
I've Been Around
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Re: How Do I Turn Off Emergency Alerts On Navigatr?

The government is Not paying for my service.... if i want to be able to turn off an amber alert it should be MY CHOICE.. once it's activated and we have heard the alert we should be able to discontinue it . Freedom of choise....
I've Been Around
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Re: How Do I Turn Off Emergency Alerts On Navigatr?

Uhmmm no because here's the problem.

The alerts go on far long after the child is found & here's the kicker they go on forever and they are so far away,for example the one last night went on here in Ottawa and the alert was for Rainy River, near the Manitoba boundary.  The system needs a slight fix VERY ANNOYING & SO FAR AWAY !

If this continues im out,,see ya Rogers 

I'm a Trusted Advisor
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Re: How Do I Turn Off Emergency Alerts On Navigatr?

Hey guys!

Just wanted to explain something.. Rogers has NO control over the Emergency Alerts. Again the CRTC and the government have implemented this so if a child or weather related issue is going on, it alerts everyone to be aware. I don't think many of u understand this alert and sadly if it's not one of ur children, u won't care but I feel bad for the mother in this case. Everyone complains about the alerts on Bell, Rogers and Telus Facebook pages as well. As for the sound?
It could be a changed a bit but I guess they view this as a way to get the attention many. U can fully get rid of it. I did on my 4K PVR box NextBox 3.. Here is a response that Rogers gave. Hope it helps.

" Hi S. While we do understand that the alterts can be inconvenient, the EAS is a mandatory requirement set by the regulatory body (CRTC) Commission that requires all broadcasters to fully participate in Canada’s National Public Alerting System. If you are using Navigatr, pressing the EXIT button on your remote will disable this occurrence of this alert. On all other boxes (Digital Adapters, SARA, Hamilton, Atlantic) the alerts cannot be disabled by you or Rogers. -H
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: How Do I Turn Off Emergency Alerts On Navigatr?

Rogers, Bell and Telus control the CRTC far more that you think, don't be naive. 


Everytime this amber altert happens on my TV I'm reminded I don't really need cable and everytime I bring it up to my wife I convince her more and more to get rid of it. I figure she'll crack soon and I can be free of this stupidity and Rogers gluttony. 


The amber alert was implemented stupidly, which is of no surprise really. I can understand a text message but hours upon hours of the same message just demonstrates how stupid the authorities are. 

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