Hooking up Nextbox to Amplifier/TV/BluRay

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Hooking up Nextbox to Amplifier/TV/BluRay

Problem Connecting a Standard TV to a PVR 3.0 (Nextbox)


I successfully had my standard TV connected to my PVR 2.0. Two departments at rogers informed me I could connect my standard TV to a PVR 3.0 as well. So I received  promotion and picked up my PVR 3.0.

After disconnecting my PVR 2.0 and connecting my PVR 3.0 to my standard TV, I rerceived no picture and no sound.

I connected the coax cable to the 'IN' on the PVR 3.0 and the component cables (red, white, yellow) to the back of the PVR 3.0. I left the other ends of the 3 component cables exactly in the same 3 ports on the back of the standard TV, same ports where they were when I had the PVR 2.0 connected.

Is it possible that I have to move the 3 component cables on the back of the TV to another location, since I'm now using a PVR 3.0 as opposed to a PVR 2.0? Could this be the reason why I am getting no picture and no sound?

Upon calling Rogers tech support, the agent told me I had to go out and purchase an adaptor that goes from HDMI to RCA or component connections. Is this necessary?

Appreciate any help with my problem.


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Re: Hooking up Nextbox to Amplifier/TV/BluRay

There is another post in here somewhere, posted in the last day that outlines a problem with connecting a VCR to a nextbox, NB3 I believe.  And... no success.  It leads me to think that whomever coded the output control either deliberately or accidentally fouled up the output control for anything other than the HDMI, therefore any other type of connection doesn't work.  Fwiw.....

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Re: Hooking up Nextbox to Amplifier/TV/BluRay

Could be the resolution is too high? that is not being supported?  If its set to 1080i/p, may not be supported OUT on the composite?

Overall, this does beg a question.
Now, i understand some amps, are older.. and possibly dont have HDMI throughput on them.. but are still perfectly good and people still want to use them.

But how about the TV. what form of TV?

A LOT of quality difference between using composite and HDMI in terms of picture quality.

If the OP is using a newer HDTV, would be better to do HDMI from the box to the TV for picture, then do RCA (or even better yet, the optical audio assuming their amp supports it) to do the sound portion only.

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Re: Hooking up Nextbox to Amplifier/TV/BluRay

Hooking up a nextbox pvr to Kenwood VR410 receviver No HDMI ports

I have an older Kenwood receiver that I am trying to use to be the intermediary unit between my Nextbox PVR and Smart HD TV (Vizio). The Nextbox and the TV have multiple ways to accomplish this as they are only a year old but the 2008 receiver is another animal. There are connections for composite cables (red/white audio, yellow video) but no component or HDMI slots. I have access to S-Video ports as well as digital but that is where it ends (see link next)

https://www.crutchfield.com/S-yt4OZKJa7vW/p_113VR410/Kenwood-VR-410.html  I believe that I have no choice but to run composite audio and perhaps s-video from the Nextbox to the AVR (not sure what ports to use) and then similar cabling from the AVR from its monitor slot, to the TV. Right now I have the Nextbox hooked directly to the TV via HDMI as both of those units offer that ability. Please don't tell me to buy a newer AVR as I want to use this one if possible and there must be a solution out there. The main thrust here is to be able to use the speakers attached to the AVR instead of listening to the less than satisfactory ones in the TV. Hope someone with past knowledge of these types of AVR can assist me! Some connection arrows on the picture of the AVR would be a definite plus. Thanks in advance.



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Re: Hooking up Nextbox to Amplifier/TV/BluRay

There may be several ways you can go. 


1. Keep the HDMI connection to the TV and connect the optical out from the TV to the optical in on the AVR. You'll need to set the TV's audio user menu to use "external speakers" and perhaps set it to "Dolby Digital or passthrough or Raw" or whatever to get the best audio. Most TVs will "pass" the audio from the HDMI input to the optical output, but not all. See the following FAQ, item 4 regarding this topic:  You will need to set the AVR to the appropriate optical input to hear the audio. Do not send the video through the AVR since that will degrade the video signal.




2. Connect the Rogers box via optical direct to the optical input on the AVR.  I can't remember if you need to change a setting in the Rogers box to ensure that the optical port is "active".


3. Connect the analogue audio (red/white) cables from the Rogers box to the AVR's analogue audio inputs. Tune to that input.  This, of course is only analogue audio and is not as good as optical and won't give DD5.1.