Harmony Remote and Ignite

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Re: Harmony Remote and Ignite

Hey @Sean77,


Welcome to the community!


Though I haven't tested the Harmony Ultimate as I don't have one myself, I am curious to know of it's compatibility. Are you getting any response from it? Have you spoken with Harmony regarding this as well?



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Re: Harmony Remote and Ignite

Hi @RogersAndy,


Rogers chat session with tech support concluded "Rogers does not support that device."  


No success with Logitech yet.  Was hoping this forum would help. 


Appears not to be a common problem.  

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Re: Harmony Remote and Ignite

Ignite TV just installed and I am configuring my Harmony One remote for it. Most keys work but these functions do not:

- SkipForward (does nothing)

- SkipBack (performs the same function as Replay)

There are no equivalent buttons on the Rogers remote so there are no learning opportunities. Anyone found a solution?


I have assigned a sequence for the SkipForward button to send multiple PgUp commands. It sort of works but needs some fine tuning. PgUp is set to 30 seconds rather than 5 minutes (which is too much). For reference this command can be changed by pressing Exit three times, entering 0030 (or 0300), and OK. I would be great if the time was variable and not just 30 seconds or 5 minutes.

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