HD Quality inconsistency across HD channels

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Re: HD Quality inconsistency across HD channels

That is right , for example black and white movies , the actors use green make up . Sponge Bob uses RGB filter , Zenith started that . Also the original " House Wives Movie " . Broadcasting a certain quality will be received by the appropriate equipment . A color blind person will not see all colors and what color you see is not the same as the person next to you what she or he sees . The electro magnetic spectrum interpretation is at the mercy of the receiver bionic or robotic or biological receptor .Retina , human or animal or reptile has a wide permutation . What may be invisible to some is visible to others and not just at the fringes but right in the middle of proton electron waves . Those particles bump each other to create a wave and the last one moves (particle ) to register a receptor Retina or film element or pixel digital camera .