H on Wheels S4 is free right now?

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I Plan to Stick Around
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H on Wheels S4 is free right now?

We've never, ever, used ondemand before (our enterainment budget is set in stone) so please forgive if this is a total noob question, but while searching the guide to see if  H on Wheels S4 was being rerun any time soon, it took me to ondemand where, it seems, that S4 is currently available for free.   Is this for real?   We just dont want to binge watch it and get hit with a $45 charge or something. 🙂


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Re: H on Wheels S4 is free right now?

Hello @BFlow,

When you select any video in Rogers On Demand channel, on the right side it will list the Dollar amount. When you see $0.00, then yes it is free Smiley Happy, hope this helps.




Rogers Employee ShakTiburon
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Re: H on Wheels S4 is free right now?

H of Wheels, nice. Definitely worth the binge.
as Moin said, $0.00 is same as Free.

I also just checked (Front of the TV and tuned into Ch 100 - Its all 0.00 or "free".

It you are worried or want to confirm, Go to Ch 100 > "TOP TV SHOWS" > Scroll down to bottom (bottom right) "CHANNELS" > "AMC" >"H*** On Wheels" > Full Listing is there and this time it says "free". If you search for it instead it says "$0.00" which is the same thing.

Just adding to @RogersMoin statement.