Getting Analog Channels that Dissappeared Recently in Downtown Toronto

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Getting Analog Channels that Dissappeared Recently in Downtown Toronto

Hello, I have Rogers "Digital TV" package, which I split with a high quality monster splitter, feeding the box that came with the deal I got, and then the computer that I have a TV tuner card in.  This used to allow me to get all of the analog channels, and use my computer PVR, with my computer.  But recently it looks like Rogers dropped a bunch of analog channels in my area.  Specifically, I no longer get analog TSN, which I really enjoyed.


What do I need to get the analog channels back?  How do I get what I need?  Will it cost $$?


Can I get what I need on Craigslist, or will I have to go though Rogers?







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Re: Getting Analog Channels that Dissappeared Recently in Downtown Toronto

ALL analog channels will be gone probably in less than a year, by my guess.

So, lets see what  your solutions are.

Firstly, you would have to check and see how many 'outlets' are included in your package.  It used to be on the website, but isnt anymore.. so would have to call in.
These are not 'outlets' in the sense of the onese in your wall.  Its the number of digital boxes, etc that are allowed to be attached on the account.  Different packages have (or had) different amounts.


(on a side note... looking at the channel lineup... the digital TV package, DOESNT inlude TSN??  Are you able to view it on the digital box? If so, your fine.  If not.... well its becasue your technically not suposed to have been getting it on Analog.. )


As for boxes, etc.

Assuming you have a free outlet, as per above, you can assign a BOX to it.
You have a few choices..  but since your going into your TUNER card, which wouldnt be in HD.. then your looking at the best bet, is a DTA. 
These are FREE assuming you have the outlet available on the account.
Pretty much, the most basic basic cable box.. no guide, only channels 1-60 odd.

(unless TSN for you falls HIGHER than 60... then you would want to get an SD rogers box)


One caveat though... you may be hard pressed to RECORD much via the TV tuner.. unless it comes with an IR blaster as well.
As everything needs to be TUNED by the box.. the TV tuner no longer does the tuning.. you have to change the channels MANUALLY before hand.. makes it hard for multi channel recording while not home 😞

As for WHERE.. you can RENT from rogers... but you can buy them from craigslist/kajiji, etc.
You just need to make sure with the buyer, that they have been REMOVED from someone elses account first... otherwise you can not add them to yours (and you need to add them, for them to work)

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Getting Analog Channels that Dissappeared Recently in Downtown Toronto


first off I must thank you AGAIN for your helpful reply.  In my experience, you are the most valuable poster on this site, and I am amazed at how generous you are with your time.  But I sure appreciate it!  Thanks.


I have a pretty basic package.  The Rogers "Digital TV" package here in Toronto does not include TSN.  So I was being sneaky getting it in analog.


I will call to see if I have another outlet. 


I would be interested in the "DTA" you mentioned, and channels 1-60 or so.  Being able to record is nice, but not that important.  (Really what I want is Monday Night Football, which was on TSN analaog channel 30.)


I googled "DTA" and figure it stands for "Digital Television Adapter". 


With the info you have given me I am calling Rogers tonight!


Thanks again!



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Re: Getting Analog Channels that Dissappeared Recently in Downtown Toronto

, the DTA50 digital adapter is available free from Rogers. You ought to be able to use it on with your TV card tuned to Channel 3. I see that Ch 30 on basic cable is now TSN4 digital and it does have Monday Night Football.


To see which of the basic cable channels in your area are now digital, tune to the TV Guide channel (Ch10 in my area, Ch5 in the GTA) and the digital channels have a "-D" suffix.

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