Freezing//audio issues on tv..

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Freezing//audio issues on tv..

Hey guys I have a tv its a 43 inch samsung plasma tv.  

model code: PN43D450

Software Version: T-STD4AUSHC-1005.0.

Rogers cable box= Explorer 3200


*This problem does not happen while playing video games, only when watching tv"


lately its been giving me a lot of different issues that really distract(not my family.. i dont know they dont see it) me when i watch tv.   Lets say im watching something and all of a sudden the picture on the tv gets stuck for like 1-2 seconds at most and then resumes where it was suppose to be.   Almost like the tv is lagging or something lol like a computer game.   this happens rarely maybe like once every 5-8 minutes.   another issue is sometimes the audio cuts out for like 1 second like someone is saying a sentence in the show like  "i will see what i ca"audio cuts out for 1 second"n do"      I know these maybe be lil issues but when ever i see something unusual bothering me i just have to know how to fix it.



Also some of the options on the tv are greyed out how do i make them ungreyed out.   For the issues with my tv i tried all kinds of settings and nothing has been working.    I unplugged everything from the tv and left it off for an hour and its still there.   Also is it bad that my 16:9 ratio of my tv has still so much room on the tv like theres a huge black spot to the top and bottom.  zoom 1 and zoom 2 fix this but then i cant even see the scores on basketball/hockey games on the bottom and if i make it scroll up i cant see the players heads or the crowd lol.   wide fit and screen fit is greyed out.



any ideas how to fix the sudden freezing and audio issues.




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Resident Expert
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Re: Freezing//audio issues on tv..

As for your freezing/stuttering/audio issue.

Bar it being a problem with the box itself (failing, etc, due to age as thats a pretty old model box)..  LIKELY its signal issue.  Usually those symptoms stem from bad signal.
Thats not to say YOU did anything... just with age, etc.. sometimes stuff goes.  Splitters/connectors burn out, etc.
Call rogers, and book a technician visit for them to come out.
They can check the signals at the street, outside the house, inside, at the wall outlet... and replace stuff where necessary, install a booster if they need to, etc.


For you other issue..

Well... the reason you see the bars, etc on it?  Is you are only getting SD feeds.  Thats an SD box.  Its verry limited in what it can do.


All in all?  Get your signal issue fixed one way or the other.
But if your 3200 is a rental... go in and get a HD box instead.

You will get signal designed for an HD TV like that.. MUCH better quality, will fit the screen (except for a few of the still SD only channels)

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Freezing//audio issues on tv..

so the freezing is due to most likely bad signal is it possible the tv is dieing? probably not hopefully... .   I should replace this box with something better before i check for signals.  do you have any recommendations.   I don't really use my tv for gaming and i rarely watch tv unless its nba/nhl season.   I'ts not crazy expensive to jump up to something modern ish in terms of a box right? as for getting a rogers technition is that expensive as well?   thanks for your help.      

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Resident Expert
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Re: Freezing//audio issues on tv..

No.. the bad signal, is likely due to WIRING either inside or outside of your house.

If anything is dieing, its the BOX, not  your TV.


If you OWN that box, you would have to BUY a new one.
a NEW HD box, is about $230... might find one for less used, etc.
You would be looking at the middle one on this screen


THough you are better to get a technician out FIRST... as if its a bad signal, it will effect a NEW box as well.

A technician to come out, should cost NOTHING.
Only time that they MIGHT charge, is if the signal problem is introduced by something YOU have put there... say extra splitters to get to more TVs, after the wall outlet, etc... using splitters, etc that dont meet rogers standards, etc.

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Re: Freezing//audio issues on tv..



I occasionally get this problem on a very small number of channels. I'm in East York and it happens mostly on CHCH channel 11 and on a couple of Movie Network and HBO channels. It may last for a couple of days, then it clears up and everything is OK for a while, then it happens again. I record everything with a SA8300HD PVR and never watch anything live. My signal strength in the PVR menu always looks fine, but there must be some variance causing it, like heavy use in my area or something else. As it seldom happens, I just live with it.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Freezing//audio issues on tv..

So due to a power outtage a couple of days ago my explorer 3200 box got fried so i got an explorer E940 as a replacement from them.   is the e940 a standard box still.   so far about 1 hour into it i haven't experienced any freezing or audio issues since getting this new box.  I had it rented and its costing pretty much the same so i assume they are the same in quality(except the new e940 one i got has no time on it oh well)

I've Been Around
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Re: Freezing//audio issues on tv..

I believe a bigger problem exists, in my area there is not a rogers client who has been experiencing freezing of all services, the TV is the easiest to identify. Around the half hour, 5 to 10 times per day, the TV freezes, sometimes for less than 10 seconds and sometimes for much longer. It does eventually come back.


The internet and my home phone in the longer instances also stop functioning and the speed in our area has declined significantly.


We had technicians come out and little has been accomplished. In 2 situations the teck identified the problem in the street, in my case, the tech outlined it was not my line from the street box, it was the box or infrastructure and he would report it. My neighbor added rogers for all services in his house and when they installed, they ran the cable from across the street due to frozen ground up lamp posts and through the trees, his service was fine. Later they came and buried his cable to the same box as me and then they replaced my line. Both of our services had the same problems. Freezing, slower speeds, etc. The next neighbor, they had the technician in and the thought was their TV was old so they went out and bought a new one to no avail. At least 6 homes on the street have given up and switched providers and they are happy and recommend it to all.


I think some improvements to those remaining may exists and more people leave Rogers in our area. Does Rogers care, no they just send out another teck who says they can do nothing because the problem is back in the streets and none wish to address.

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Re: Freezing//audio issues on tv..

Hello @RoTo1,


A warm welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and congratulations on your very first post!


It's disappointing to hear that you've been having so many issues with your TV service. Trying to enjoy your favourite programs with all of these issues must be difficult, to say the least. We'd like to take a closer look at this for you and review all of the notes on your file to determine what the best next steps should be to find a solution for this.


Please send us a Private Message to @CommunityHelps so we can pull up your information and get started on finding a solution. If you are not familiar with our Private Messaging system please check out our BLOG.


We look forward to hearing from you soon.