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Re: Existing Recordings

I have an HD PVR terminal in the living room.  I have 2 HD boxes  as well (one in each bedroom [bedroom 1 and bedroom 2]).  for some reason, the HD box in bedroom 1 will not display the whole home icon on the box (white light of of a house) and i cannot access recorded shows.  i cannot even see them.  an error comes up and tells me to contact rogers.  however i can see and play all all shows from the HD PVR in the living room and the HD in bedroom 2.

i took the non-functioning box out of bedroom 1 and swapped it with the other HD box in bedroom 2 (hoping something might work)...but it still doesn't work.  and the one that WAS working in bedroom 2 (now in bedroom 1) STILL WORKS.  


i have reset the digital box numerous times and still nothing.