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Re: Error code 1502

Your techs spent about 4 hours together giving my the run around and giving me absolutely nothing remotely resembling proper troubleshooting or solutions. Their troubleshooting steps were: 1) do other devices work on anyplace tv, 2) what's your internet speed, 3) reinstall Google Chrome, 4) wipe your entire computer and reinstall everything. WHAT?! Then your tech insisted it was a problem on MY end and that he couldn't do anything for me. Insisted that I should get a PC repair person or a network specialist to help me.  I found the solution on your community forums, it's been a known problem for at least 2 years. It was noted 2 years ago that it was caused by a software that at the time was already 2 years out of date. And here we are, it's not fixed, it IS a Rogers-side issue, and your tech had no clue about it. Your techs collectively had poor troubleshooting skills, and they obviously were not trained properly - which is a management issue.  Happy I found this forum thread.  My system time was correct already, but changing it to a different time, then back and reloading solved the problem.  Pretty disappointed that 5 different techs all had not the faintest clue about this issue.  Good Job.  How does this not make its way into your internal troubleshooting database?