Downloadable & Print-Friendly Channel Guide for Toronto Oct. 2016

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Downloadable & Print-Friendly Channel Guide for Toronto Oct. 2016

Yeah for a $1.95     Like rogers won't make it available     UNFRICKINbelievable

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Downloadable & Print-Friendly Channel Guide for Toronto Oct. 2016

UNBELIEVABLE  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Downloadable & Print-Friendly Channel Guide for Toronto Oct. 2016

Just to clarify a couple of things about downloadable guides.


First, I find it as annoying as the rest of you that there is no easy way to get a copy of your guide.  This isn't the only thread where this has been discussed, and many people have voiced their issues, and that takes me to the 1.95


No Rogers does not charge 1.95 for a guide

There is no way to create or download a copy of your guide online, period.


The guide for 1.95 is a member initiative by @Gebs  He created the Toronto listings, from the time when it was done, and probably it is no longer the same anymore.  It is coming off his own web storage site and has absolutely nothing to do with Rogers, just a member who did the work himself and  decided to make it available, at a small cost.


Coming back to the guide.  If your current package was set in place after September 1, 2017


If you make any change to your package that impacts terms or pricing, Rogers as with all providers, since September 1, 2017 under the Television Service Provider Code must now provide the confirmation document of the changes, another copy of the current terms, your full channel listing and a document described as the critical information summary (Rogers calls it something else).  You can have this mailed or sent via email.  They are all PDF's if by email.  And you can ask for a copy to be sent to you at any time.  I will clarify below where that right comes from.


Reference comments on expectation of the CRTC Television Service Provider Code


The provision of these documents was mandated under the CRTC's new Television Service Provider Code.


If you happen to be on a contract that began after September 1, 2017, these documents must have been provided with time frames defined in the code - see the simplified version at for full details as relevant to your case.


Plans in place prior to September 1st, 2017 or continuing month by month from an earlier plan


Now if you are on a contract that began before that point, you are in a bind.


There is no easy way to have a guide, except to produce it yourself, or find one of the spreadsheets that various people have created by area - search the internet for various versions, and then adapt for your own case, by comparing it to your guide.


I know it is a pain, and the amazing part is that Rogers still provides no way to see your full listing, even from My Rogers.


The only way I have found to see what channels you have is as follows:


Go to My Rogeers, go to your television services.


You will see what package you are on and a list of any theme package, individual or bonus channels you have.


Now to see the actual channels on your package, click change your package - don't worry, as long as you don't confirm a change, nothing happens.


You can go to the package where it says, you have this and go to details, it will open up a view of all your channels, in the form of logos and network names, classified by channel types.  Yes, I know, pretty useless.


But that is what they give you.  Only option at this point is make a suggestion in the suggestion section of the forum, forward a concern, or create your own, which is what most members have been doing after ranting (yes, I support ranting, but eventually, you have to find a solution).


Use one of the online ones available - the one by @jbrtyuo is the old VIP listings, free to you - it may help, it is on a google drive still available.  Thanks to him and others for doing this.


In that same thread a link was suggested for reviewing your channel listings


Comment on the usefullness of the link


This is not overly helpful, and if you have a sense of humour, you can at least laugh at what it provides you.


Channel Line up link on the page


When I clicked Channel lineup, it gave me the listings for the starter package - when I put my postal code in it didn't recognize it - so that link at top for channel listings was pretty useless for me anyway.


Below, you can see the channels in your package, shown in alphabetical order by network, or you can also choose to view channels by package and you will get a graphical view of all your networks, with channel numbers (this is the first presentation of channels).  Then you could build your own spreadsheet, or modify one of the others you can find.


Link to My Channel Guide - hopefully that is beneficial - NOT



Nope - LOL - that is a link to Anyplace TV - and to laugh further, I am using firefox, so can't log in anyway.  Have to go out to one of the accepted browsers.


But my channel guide? - I guess, you could look at your channels and make a spreadsheet, but I can do that from the set top box guide too.,


You can also compare channels by package, and there is a long table of each package, channels available and theme packages and individual purchase channels - you could use this to - shall I say it again - create your own spreadsheet - yeh, I know, ugh.


That site is a marketing site for people to see what is offered in packages, not our individual packages.


So to close off my clarification, laugh, rant


1. No, that 1.95 has nothing to do with Rogers, just to clean up that one.


2. Rogers does not provide any easy way to get a guide listing you can download and print.


3. And if you are on a plan starting after September 1, 2017, you will have received a PDF listing with the other documents, and note the following,


You can ask for a copy at any time during your term.



  • The TVSP must also provide a customer with a permanent copy of the agreement in the format of the customer’s choosing (electronic or paper) upon request at no charge, at any time during the commitment period.
  • A TVSP must provide a customer with a copy of the agreement in an alternative format for people with disabilities upon request, at no charge, at any time during the commitment period.
  • Written agreements must set out all of the information listed below in a clear manner:
    1. a list of the individual channels or packages of channels selected by a customer at the time the agreement is made.

As a side note on that topic, my most recent changes there was a glitch in the system, and I demanded the information be created manually if the system can't do it.  They are working on it and I keep following up on it.  But other changes, those documents have come fine since last September, for any changes to services, including wireless services (you don't get the channel listing obviously).  So the system does auto generate the docs now and the guide, and if there is a glitch, you can still request them and they must be provided.


So, rant away, but at the end of the day, if you want a guide from services set up prior to Sept 1, 2017, you are pretty much out of luck, you will have to create your own, or search the Internet for a similiar one.


This is not a new concern, that second link I provided started in 2012 back when people were trying to see what they got on VIP and the issue continues to this day.


This is one that Rogers does not seem to be listening to the customer on, and the only reason we get it now, in my opinion is that they had no choice - it was ordered by CRTC under the new code. They have tried a couple of times to rework this one, but they just don't seem to be able to nail it down.


Wish I had a better way for you to get a guide, anyone else have suggestions feel free to pitch in.






I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 8

Re: Downloadable & Print-Friendly Channel Guide for Toronto Oct. 2016

This is the Best Version I have found.


Play with it for modification & selectable by Type of guide  Premium, popular etc.

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 8

Re: Downloadable & Print-Friendly Channel Guide for Toronto Oct. 2016

Try this :

I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Downloadable & Print-Friendly Channel Guide for Toronto Oct. 2016

Nice link - I am sure we all thank you.  Insane that we have to create these ourselves or go to outside parties, but that is the way it is.


Count on the generousity of the members on the forum.



I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Downloadable & Print-Friendly Channel Guide for Toronto Oct. 2016

Yes, a very good link. Unfortunately it only covers Rogers current packages  and not all areas. But at least there's a way to contact the website if your area is not listed. Rogers should take a look at this website to learn what it is customers really look for and provide something similar.

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I've Been Around
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Re: Downloadable & Print-Friendly Channel Guide for Toronto Oct. 2016

Thanks Bruce for explaining why I've added the nominal fee for the Toronto guide.  Yes, I do pay to list the guide online.  Also, I had spent HOURS making the printable guide.  Then I spent even more time updating it, which was painstaking.  And now, I've discovered that Roger's website now makes it extremely difficult to copy and paste the channel listing guide into a spreadsheet.  I'm working on getting around that at the moment.  


Please note the link provided at is outdated for all areas (April 2017).  


 I've recently updated the Toronto area channel guide (November 2018) and am currently working on the Grand River area one.  Pls rest assured to all, this takes a lot of time and energy!  


Thanks again,


I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Downloadable & Print-Friendly Channel Guide for Toronto Oct. 2016

Thanks, Darryl, for bumping this thread.  The reluctance of Rogers to provide a simple channel listing to customers has been my pet peeve for years, ever since they stopped doing it. If it can be individually pushed to each customer's box and IPG, generating a list ought to be a no-brainer. Being somewhat of a conspiracy theorist, I suspect Rogers does not want customers to easily compare their legacy line-up to the new packages and see they'll be paying more for less if they "upgrade". Just reading discussions on the new packages, I see all kinds of sports channels have been removed from the new packages. I can't even find the new channel packages with Firefox, just Ignite TV and have to resort to Chrome and even then the choices are confusing.


As I've stated in another thread, I finally resorted to paging through my IPG (I have the now obsolete VIP package) and creating a spreadsheet of the channels I have plus subscription and other unavailable channels. I believe even the subscription channels aren't available to me because I have VIP and would have to switch to one of the new packages to get them. And then there's the notices at the bottom of my bill from time to time as channels are removed.

SA8300HD, SA8300SD, DTA50, LG-E410B PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Downloadable & Print-Friendly Channel Guide for Toronto Oct. 2016

To find updated channel lists online, search with "printable Rogers channel guide" from your favourite search engine.  I would post the link here but is against the Community's policy.  




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